[lmt-post-modified-info]The world is experiencing a fifth-dimensional consciousness. People are waking up from the 3rd dimension to the 5th-dimension and are experiencing unity consciousness.

The “I” in the 5th dimension is not an ego-self, but it is ”unity”, it refers to everything—love, harmony, tranquility, bliss, and joy in this dimension.fifth dimensional consciousness

Everything becomes faster and stronger in this dimension. The thoughts, frequency, and vibration are rapid. It occurs when one is spiritually aligned with the universe. It is a deep understanding of the nature of existence.

The 5th dimension is not another place; it’s here and now. We can also experience our 3rd and 4th-dimensional realities while also experiencing the 5th dimension.

Some are experiencing this right now, while others are taking time to wake up. You can tell when you are experiencing it when these traits dissolve; Ego, pride, anger, and hate.

The 5th dimension has no place for them.

Being in this state, you realize everything you have known in your existence is part of one consciousness – oneness. Your heart chakra activates, and for the first time, you experience total bliss.

You are more in tune with your intuition; as your third eye opens. With your new insight, you realize that adding value to others is far more important than anything you can gain.

You understand that we are all part of the same creation whatever we co-create together, will materialize.

3D to 5D – Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

First, you need to know that it is not inferior to be in the third dimension. Everyone has a different spiritual journey, and every dimension is here to teach us a lesson.

It’s all about the perception of thinking that decides what happens in reality. In 5D, your thought process and knowledge move up another level.

Third Chakra – Solar plexus

The 3D world is more connected to the third chakra (Solar plexus), which is all about personal power and identity.

It’s focused on duality. What is right and what is wrong, good or bad, normal or abnormal. People have a logical approach to doing things. They focus on the result and are working to make their future better.

The egoic-self plays a vital role in the 3D. Many want to fulfill their desires and will do anything for it. Some play the victim card. Without pain, they would not know what happiness is. Without evil, there will be no good.

Likewise, we experience many emotions in the materialistic world, which is a staircase to the 5D. The love in 3D is selfish and conditioned love.

Whereas in 5D, every action comes from love, like a dead leaf may not survive the high vibration of fire. The same rule applies in 5d; fear has no chance in the higher vibrations.

If one were to experience fear while in the 5th dimension, the vibration level would fall to the next level (4d), it’s only in the fifth dimension, we can maintain unconditional acceptance and love.levels of consciousness

Removing The Illusion of Separateness And Accepting 5d Love

It takes patience and a lot of inner work to reach this point. Before you can advance to the higher dimensions, you need to understand the lower dimensions.

Here are ten tips which may help you increase your vibration;

1. Filter your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind carries a lot of thoughts and emotions from the past, which affects your present thought pattern.

2. Heal yourself, and you can heal others. Once you accept all the pain, fear, and aches from the past, let them go. You can then start a new journey towards spiritual growth.

3. Forgive others for their deeds. They did it from their level of consciousness. You have not gone through their journey.

4. Do not take anything personally.

5. Do what your heart says. Be passionate, and work on your dreams.

6. Think of win-win situations.

7. Focus on things that add value to you and your life.

8. Meditate and try to be in the present moment.

9. Be in nature. Feel the peace and serenity; it will ground you.

10. Be positive. Make friends with people that boost your positivity.5d

Signs You Are in The Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

1. You are more present than ever. Living in the moment is your new mantra. The past and future won’t matter to you. You understand the power of now.

2. Time plays a valuable part in your life. Your perception of time changes, it feels like time has slowed down.

3. Your belief system changes. You detach from the conservative thoughts and patterns of society.

4. You start being grateful for what you have.

5. Criticizing and humiliating others is not your cup of tea.

6. You distant yourself from energy-draining people and attract people who have the same vibration as you.

7. Your desires are manifesting faster than ever due to the high vibrations.

8. Sometimes thoughts from the past enter your mind, but you accept them and let them go.

9. You understand everyone’s reason for doing things is a reflection and perception of yourself.

10. You follow your passion and stopped being the people pleaser.

11. You always trust your intuition.

12. Your body has gone through a Lightbody activation, and you are more flexible in movement and trust the flow.


The fifth dimension is a wonderful state of consciousness. When you reach that state of being, it will be the golden period of your life.

What are your thoughts on 5th-dimensional consciousness?