The meaning of the peacock feather holds important symbolism for many cultures across the globe.

From the shamans of tribal cultures to Buddhists in the east, peacock feathers have formed an essential part of ritual and belief for much of history.

Peacock symbolism relates to beauty, balance, third eye perception, awakening, immortality, spirituality, self-confidence, awareness, leadership, self-love, and resurrection.

Its association with immortality and resurrection link back to its association with the Phoenix, which originates with the Ancient Egyptians who linked them with the sun god Horus.

It is where modern phoenix myths seem to originate.

Across many eastern traditions, the peacock resonates with patience, benevolence, and compassion.

This bird is also remarkably beautiful, and symbolises the healthy ego.

While too much ego can be a bad thing, it is necessary to see your beauty and identify your strengths.

The term “peacocking” refers to making yourself stand out, much like the bird does with its tail feathers.

While humility is also essential, championing yourself is not directly opposed to humility as long as you do it in good faith.

Peacock Feather Meaning Bad Luck

One peacock feather meaning you should be aware of is of it bringing you bad luck if you have it in your house.

While the birds themselves are strongly associated with protection – both physical and spiritual – the feathers do the exact opposite.

Having one in your house can lead to bad luck in love and relationships, as well as reduced financial fortune and vulnerability to illness.

This misfortune is more to do with how you handle the feathers more than the mere fact of having them in your house.

Over the centuries, proper rituals have been designed to harness the power of peacock feathers.

But if you use them without respect, their adverse effects shine through.

Wearing a feather around your neck, on the other hand, is a good luck charm that protects you from negative energy and brings you good fortune in love and financial matters.

It can also help to tackle symptoms of illness, especially those related to your eyes.

Peacock Feather Eye Meaning

The most striking feature of this bird is the peacock feather eye. The meaning of this eye is at the root of many cultures’ fascination with the bird.

On one level, it symbolizes awareness and perception. To your physical senses, especially your sense of beauty through vision, hearing, smell, and taste.

But it also relates to your spiritual awareness and third eye perception, which are the senses that you use to “see” energy connections and auras, as well as convene and converse with your higher self.

These symbolisms are there to remind us that much of our knowledge of the world filters through our various senses, and our perception of an event is not necessarily the definitive one.

In other words: check your biases.

Without maintaining our physical and spiritual senses, we are left blind, so ensure that you look after yourself holistically to remain awake and aware.