Every twin flame relationship is unique. While there are patterns that every twin flame relationship follow, things never turn out exactly how we expect them to.

While most of us think of the twin flame relationship as a romantic one, there is absolutely nothing that says that it has to be!

There are many reasons why your twin flame relationship might not be romantic in the traditional way.

Most Twin Flame Relationships Are Romantic

The typical relationship between twin flames is all about the most intimate and romantic relationship. Sharing your body and soul with another being, you are highly attracted to loving.

The deep connection shared by twin flames lends itself perfectly to romance, and there can be no person that you are more spiritually compatible with than your twin.

Also, twin flames are always attracted to each other on some level.

The attraction is vital as the romantic and physically intimate aspects of most twin flame relationships help to solidify and expand the related emotional connections.

But the twin flame relationship does not need red satin sheets to reach its potential.

Reasons Why Twin Flames Might Not Be Romantic

In a perfect world, all twin flames would be in romantic relationships. It is the natural way of things.

We do not live in a perfect world.

The primary reason that some twin flames don’t have a romantic relationship is societal pressure.

In other words, what society expects from you and the norms it imposes on you might make you feel unable to have a romantic relationship with your twin flame.

Age gaps are common with twin flames, and while most fall within acceptable boundaries in most places in the world, some do not.

An age difference of ten years is common and commonly accepted, but some twin flames are twenty or thirty years apart, and a romantic relationship will often be not just frowned upon but also not right for the individuals concerned.

While this shouldn’t make a difference, for most people, it does.

There are other reasons, too. Sexual orientation, existing love relationships and religious or societal rules can stand in the way of romantic relationships between twin flames.

It’s Okay To Be Twin Flame Best Friends

The solution for people who cannot, for whatever reason, be romantic with their twin flame is simple:

You can be best friends.

There is no reason that this type of twin flame relationship should be worth any less than a romantic one, and all the same, concepts still apply.

In fact, in the event of a significant age gap, a mentor-mentee relationship is usually far more beneficial than a romantic one anyway, and these twin flames tend to fall into this type of relationship quite naturally.

A word of warning for those who embark on a non-romantic twin flame journey:

Your twin flame relationship may tend to cause problems in your romantic relationships you already have forged.

You should be conscious of this and work to make sure that jealousy (from both your romantic partner and twin flame!) doesn’t ruin either relationship.

Remember, your twin flame relationship is as unique as you are. Conforming to what other people say is “normal” will not necessarily work out for you – so the only thing you can do is follow your heart.