Is there a single law of attraction? Certainly not! Humans are magnetically attracted to each other at a spiritual, emotional and even at a molecular level.

What Causes Magnetic Attraction Between Man Woman?

The Law of Attraction: Energy Differences

As long as a distinct polarity exists between two individuals, the chances of an intimate connection remain resoundingly high.

The more opposed the feminine and masculine energies are, the stronger the attraction.

If an energy gap between two individuals is minimal, so is the attraction. When one person is strongly feminine and the other masculine, there’s a massive possibility of an instant physical connection.

Women who display strong feminine features, such as long hair and big bosoms instantly attract men. Why? Because their feminine energies are exceptionally high.

Similarly, men who are dominant and physically and emotionally strong catch-the-eyes of interested women because of the same law of attraction.

Has someone’s gaze bewitched you? Like it has cast a spell on you? Did you feel magnetically drawn? There are reasons why this happened.

What makes a man attracted to a woman physically

Let’s debunk the old-age myth; attraction is never random. Even subconsciously, humans are seeking something in the opposite sex.

What makes a man attracted to a woman physically?

Body Shape

Science says that men are genetically predisposed to take an interest in women who have a particular body shape.

Consciously, they’re not envisioning a future with a woman, but subconsciously, the option of bearing children and propagating the human race is always on the cards. Evolutionary genetics is the cause of this behaviour.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology stated that men are inclined to fall for women with a low waist-to-hip ratio.

Why is that? Men consider this body feature as an epitome of reproductive health.

First Impression

Sometimes magnetic attraction between a man and a woman boils down to the first impression.

If a woman can display the prowess of her wits or emotional awareness on the first meet, then masculine hormones will start fizzing. Humour is also a kind of intelligence that attracts men.

Emotional Intelligence and Facial Features: The Deadly Duo

Women might invest their time on men with excellent facial features, such as steel-cut jaw bones and high cheekbones, but do they really consider these men as long-term partners? Yes and No.

There is a whole set-of-things that come into play when it comes to choosing a man for life.

A man who lacks emotional understanding and openness is considered less attractive even if he has herculean features. Women have a natural instinct to go for men who are smart, supportive and dominant. The same goes for men.

When a man is sexually attracted to a woman

When a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he moves mountains to win his favour.

In the highly acclaimed Sci-fi series “Westworld”, the protagonist associates all of human intellect to peacock feathers.

He hypothesises that all the art and the literature created by man is simply a mating ritual. To some extent, that is true because everything we do is for love.