Experiencing synchronicity with the number 811 can be a direct message from your soul guides.

You might be experiencing this synchronicity if you repeatedly catch 811 on clocks, timetables, bills and receipts, or any other place you might see it.

These are not pure coincidences, but a way for your soul guides to offer you their wisdom and guidance.

So if you have experienced 811 synchronicity lately, then stick around for the full meaning of the 811 message.

811: Your Spirit Guides Are Pleased With Your Path

The first meaning of 811 relates to your soul mission or metaphysical journey, and it is a message of encouragement.

Your soul guides are telling you that you are on your true path and making good progress. You should continue with the same vigour and patience that you have displayed thus far.

811 will often show up to people who are beginning to doubt their soul mission, or who are worrying over whether they have chosen the right path. This message shows up to let you know that you are worrying needlessly, as you have chosen right thus far.

811: Examine Your Thoughts And Habits

One thing 811 does represent is the need to examine your thought patterns and habits.

We are all prone to falling into ruts in all areas of our lives. This is a result of our minds taking shortcuts by developing habits and thought patterns that play out automatically.

You should take this warning from your spirit guides that these thought patterns can be very harmful if you aren’t paying attention to them.

Specifically, you might be prone to negative self-talk, which is that inner voice that criticises you for every mistake.

A certain amount of this negative self-talk is good as it helps to motivate you, but letting it become a pattern or habit can lead to confidence issues, low self-esteem and social anxiety.

With 811, your soul guides are warning you against arrogance while travelling your metaphysical path.

811: Value Independence

Finally, 811 tells you that you are strong, independent and driven and that these are your most valuable traits right now.

Life doesn’t happen to you; you must actively live your life. That means that following in the footsteps of others might be less fulfilling than striking out on your own. Value your abilities and who you are as a person because your soul guides certainly do.

But being independent doesn’t mean being a lone wolf or competing with others. Being independent means that you don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do, and you don’t need to let them.

Sometimes being independent means choosing to depend on someone.

Overall, 811 is a positive message of recognition towards your metaphysical work. Be sure of yourself in your path, and if you have been putting off striking out on your own then now is the time to do it.

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