The clear aura is not a very common aura. Very few people are blessed with this aura.

As it doesn’t have any colour, this aura is denoted as the chameleon aura. This aura is usually a characteristic of Crystals.

Why it is Called Chameleon Aura

Clear aura is also known as chameleon aura because the colour of the aura doesn’t remain the same.

It changes according to the people they are connected to.

When any colour is adopted in the aura, the emotions, behaviours, traits and thoughts of that colour are also adapted.

This property of crystals makes them compatible with any colour.

A Confused Personality:

As the colour change impacts these people readily, it is hard to detect their actual personality.

One minute, they are someone else, and in the next minute, you will see a completely different person.

Their personality change is greatly influenced by the bonds and connections they make in their daily life.

The Natural Healer:

The crystals are natural healers. They have the ability to increase the powers of others so that they can heal themselves on their own.

Even when a person has a complete blockage, they could help.

When crystals heal someone, there is always purity in it because they can keep their emotions and thoughts aside while healing.

As the healers, Crystals are very sensitive and can help only one person at a time.

After healing one person, they need to clean their energy fields in a calm place.

If they treat more than one person, they feel drained and exhausted.

Frightened Souls:

Crystals don’t usually understand the evil in the world, and it confuses them.

In a crowd, they feel very overwhelmed.

As their aura continually changes, they don’t trust their own decisions and look to others for guidance as to what is acceptable in society.


Crystals need someone who can understand them completely.

They need a person who can calm them and give them the sense of security they need.

Their nature is quiet, and it is hard for others to understand them.

People who are decision makers, practical, reliable and intelligent will prove to be a good partner for them.

They usually like solitude, and thus it is not always easy to cope with them.

Overall, Crystals are kind, loving and sincere.

They don’t want to go out and love their home and surroundings.

They are mostly intelligent and happy souls who respect others and don’t get angry much.

But, the problem with Crystals is that they are chameleons, they are affected by the mood of their partners.

If their partner feels sad and unhappy, it is hard for them to balance their own emotions.

When they are with a healthy and happy partner, they flourish well, and their powers and energies get a positive boost.

A good partner makes them feel alive.


Mostly Crystals are doctors, monks, interior decorators, writers, librarians, florists, nuns and artists.

They like to have jobs where they can spend some alone time.