Everyone can benefit from using essential oils for clearing negative energy, whether at home or at work.

Negative energy tends to build up over time and can be especially bad when we experience stress, anger, sadness or addiction.

There are many essential oils to choose from and they all have different properties.

Which ones you use and how you use them is vital for freeing your life from the ill effects of negative energy build up.

Follow these tips if you are looking to cleanse your life of bad energy:

Ailments In The Body

Physical ailments are a common symptom and cause of negative energy in the body.

Not only does energy contribute to the ailments and make them worse, but the stress and pain that they cause increases the levels of black energy in your aura.

It’s a feedback loop that can leave you stuck in a cycle of depression.

One way of solving this is through the use of healing salts dissolved as essential oils.

Salts have powerful absorbing effects and can suck the bad energy out of your body and aura, leaving you feeling revitalized and healthier.

Try taking a healing salt bath when the pain flares up to take the edge off. It is relaxing, great for the skin and a great way of engaging in some spiritual cleansing.

Take care if you have any kind of cut or graze on your skin, and the first time you try it be sure to get out straight away if you have any kind of allergic reaction.

Very few people do, but if you are one of the unlucky few its best to avoid making things worse.

Energy Blocks In The Home

You can use essential oils for clearing negative energy blocks in your home, tackling areas of high stress and clearing away the energy hangover from arguments.

The entrance to your home is especially vulnerable to blocks as the energy in your aura tends to accumulate there more than in other places.

Every time you get home from a bad day you leave a little bit of it at the front door.

Sage oil is particularly useful for clearing blocks in the home, which could explain why burning sage has been so popular for preparing spaces for ritual use for millennia.

You might also consider peppermint oil if arguments with your partner have left a bad vibe in an area of the home, as it is known to help decrease lingering tension.

A plug in diffuser or candle diffuser works well if you want to ensure that your home is always a place of positivity for you.

Tense Work Environments

For many of us the most stressful and low energy parts of our day are spent at work.

Not only do you have the pressures of getting your work done and having to deal with sometimes difficult co-workers, but you are also away from the sanctuary of home.

But there are ways that you can use essential oils for clearing negative energy from your work environment too, not just your home.
The best ones to use are peppermint and lemon.

Both are great for clearing the tensions that arise at work, but they are also great at focusing the mind and keeping away the tiredness and headaches that can creep in during a long day.

Although a diffuser would be perfect, many workplaces won’t allow you to do that.

Instead, try a topical cream infused with essential oils, or put a drop or two of lemon in a cup of hot green tea to unlock the aromatic power of the oil.

Bedrooms for Peaceful & Restful Sleep

Sleep is so important for physical and mental well being, as well as for spiritual health.

When you aren’t getting enough sleep you can find yourself unfocused, grouchy and unable to fend off the negative energy you encounter during the day.

As a result, you could be putting your own bad vibes out onto other people!

One of the best ways to induce a good night’s sleep is with a lavender spray.

Not only does it give your bedroom a lovely, flowery aroma but lavender has been proven to be calming, relaxing and perfect for helping you off to sleep.

Spray some on your pillows and sheet before you get into bed to help protect your all-important shut-eye from the intrusion of bad energy.

You can buy lavender sprays ready-made or you can make your own from lavender essential oils and water.

If you decide to make your own, be aware that you need to dilute it enough so that it is not too strong.

Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

There are many ways that you can use essential oils for clearing negative energy from your aura and psyche, especially in times of high stress.

Sometimes you need a really powerful boost to help you shrug off the fog of negativity, in which case you could use grapefruit essential oils to release the stress and anxiety that is weighing you down.

For low level stress and anxiety it is best to use slow release methods like diffusers, but when things are really getting on top of you this might not feel like enough.

In this case, what you might be looking for is a nasal spray or inhaler, and for stress it is best to use grapefruit oil.

This relieves the pressure you feel around your sinuses when stress headaches start to form and can even do you the world of good when you are feeling under the weather.
This is due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, making it perfect if you are suffering from a cold or a sinus infection.

However, be sure to follow the recommended dosing as the skin on the inside of your nose is quite sensitive and overloading it with the powerful essential oils can cause more harm than good.