If you want to know if your soulmate can be your life partner, you’ve come to the right place.

Many people are confused by the whole idea of soulmates and the function they are supposed to fill in your life, and how relationships like twin flames and soulmates fit into the spiritual journey.

The first thing we should look at is exactly what a soulmate is – and how they fit into your spiritual journey.

Can Your Soulmate Be Your Life Partner?

Soulmates are members of our soul group. Our closest soulmate is our twin flame, who is split from the same soul as us before our souls are born and serve as the yin to our yang on our spiritual journey.

They will provide the most significant lessons and prepare over many lifetimes for ascension to higher levels of consciousness.

Our soul that we share with our twin flame is also split from a more extensive soul, called an oversoul.

That oversoul splits into other souls, and these close relations are our soul group. For most people, there are a dozen or so close soulmates.

We enter into a soulmate contract with our soulmates before birth, pledging to join each other’s lives and teach the karmic lessons we require for our separate (but related) spiritual journeys.

But can this soulmate contract include life partnership?

Life Partners & Soulmate Contracts

The short answer is: Yes.

The longer answer is more complicated. Most soulmate relationships do end up as some sort of romantic relationship – we’re just drawn to people in our soul group more intensely than to others. But most will be short, will end abruptly and painfully, and at the end will be better for having been finished with.

Still, it may be beneficial for your spiritual journey for one of these soulmate relationships to work out.

It is still unlikely – but possible! – that your soulmate contract commits you to a life partnership, staying together until the end of this life.

Yet it should also be pointed out that there is no reason for a soulmate relationship to not lead to you becoming life partners if that’s what you both want.

Often, who you end up with will have nothing to do with your spiritual journey but will be a product of free will and a core pursuit of love.

Who You End Up With

The fact is, soulmates aren’t really what they’re made out to be in the movies.

They exist to deliver us lessons, to be the secondary characters in our spiritual narrative (and us in theirs), and often disappear as quickly as they appear.

These relationships are important, but they aren’t the be all and end all. Even the famed twin flame relationship needn’t last forever. Who you end up with will be up to you and your eventual life partner.

And while your soulmate relationships will be excellent candidates for a lifelong commitment, you must be sure that you are sufficiently evolved when you meet “the one” that you are ready for the rollercoaster of a lifetime with one person.

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