Do you want to know how to find your Twin Flame?

By learning how to manifest your Mirror Soul and spotting the signs of their arrival in your life, you can get a head start on your journey towards unconditional love.

This process can take a lifetime or more for some people, but for those who take a proactive approach, it can happen remarkably quickly.

So it’s important to know what to look out for!

So if you are hoping to find your Mirror Soul then follow this short guide to uniting with your most special karmic partner.

How To Find Your Twin Flame: Preparing Your Inner Self

The first step in finding them takes place way before they enter your life.

We all begin our lives with pure auras that are free from negative energy.

Unfortunately, it never stays that way for long.

Living here in our imperfect societies we all absorb negative energy.

It happens through daily life, barely noticed if you aren’t paying much attention – but it also occurs through trauma.

Over the course of your life, it all builds up and poisons your chakra system.

It means that without healing, you will have a muddy, dark aura.

Aside from the apparent adverse effects, having this type of aura will also prevent you from uniting with your Twin Flame.

To understand the reason for this, you need to understand the nature of the relationship you are aiming.

While other relationships are often a mixture of looking back and looking to the future, this relationship is all about a forward-looking attitude.

For that reason, you must heal past wounds and traumas before you can be ready for this journey to begin.

There are not really any shortcuts to take when it comes to healing and achieving balance – you just have to do the work.

However, there are some techniques you can use to help the process to go smoothly.

The first and most ubiquitous is meditation.

Meditation can take many forms, and you should test out a few different techniques and processes to find the one that resonates most with you.

However, there are different types of meditation, and picking the right one for the problems you face is essential.

The type of meditations you should be looking at is the healing variety.

Chakra healing, Kundalini, and mindfulness meditations are all useful for dealing with past traumas that leave residual energy in your aura.

It may also help you to seek therapeutic help if you are dealing with particularly deep trauma, especially if you find it hard to face it alone.

How To Find Your Twin Flame: Synchronicity Signs

Once you have made enough progress and cleared your aura, you are prepared for Meeting.

It is a very interesting time. Many people look back at this period of their lives and see it as a magical time when the universe suddenly showed them the way.

While it’s not quite magical, they are right that they are being guided by the universe – through the mechanism of synchronicity, or destined coincidence.

The universe sends messages as a form of guidance. There are several different synchronicity signs for Twin Flames.

Check if you have experienced any of the following:

Twin Flame numbers Numbers like 11:11, 111 and others start showing up at this time, often on timetables, tickets, street signs and more.

Love is everywhere – You start noticing more couples than usual.

Your friends are all getting into relationships, and romance is the buzz word around you.

You feel a calling – This relationship is a key part of your spiritual journey, so when it is on the horizon you get a distinct feeling of purpose, like your reason for being is about to become apparent.

You feel calm and balanced – You have achieved a level of inner peace and balance, which allows this process to take place.

If you feel this leaving you, then you need to ensure you are maintaining your meditation schedule.

Spirituality suddenly becomes important – While you may have had your spiritual beliefs for a while (or even your whole life), it is not until recently that you have engaged with it.

Right now, you are resonating with your soul purpose, and this has changed your perspective.

You feel ready – You have unwavering confidence that you are prepared to meet your Mirror Soul.

There are no doubts about whether you are over old relationships, and any issues surrounding relationships have closure.

These aren’t the only synchronicity signs that you can encounter, but these are certainly the most common and easy to spot.

How To Find Your Twin Flame: Reaching Out Astrally

There is one more way that you can try to speed up the process of finding your Twin Flame – you can reach out to them on the Astral Plane.

There are two basic ways of doing this – through lucid dreaming, or your telepathic connection.

In either case, you are trying to identify their energy and establish contact.

If you have already nailed lucid dreaming or have the inclination to learn, you can connect with them that way.

But if you haven’t, then you will have to use your telepathic connection to reach out and make contact.

It is a natural connection that all Twin Flames share, so utilizing it is not as difficult as you may think.

There are articles on this site that can guide you through this process, so we encourage you to take the time to read those before choosing this option.

Once you make contact, you have set the wheels in motion, and Twin Flame Meeting is coming.

They will be brought to you via synchronicity as soon as they are ready for the journey to begin.

In the meantime, patience! It could take a little time!

Make any final preparations; make sure your loose ends are all tied up and get ready for the love of a lifetime.

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