Twin Flame healing powers form the basis of the journey this special karmic relationship allows you to embark.

A relationship between mirror souls has the unique power to help you leave the past behind and move forward towards a better future.

Having a better future is enabled by the incredible healing powers that exist between you.

Connecting with your healing power will keep the negative energy out of your relationship and breed healthy habits, especially around communication.

Those with a strong intuition can gain access to some of these powers without even knowing about them, but for most people learning the techniques is a necessity.

Even highly intuitive people will benefit from some knowledge of the techniques available.

So if you want to learn more about Twin Flame healing powers then read on below:

What Are Twin Flame Healing Powers?

The power of healing that exists between Twin Flames comes from energetic alignment.

In essence, your vibrations are following the same patterns and can, therefore, harmonize with each other, raising both.

This energetic alignment provides the high energy potential required for healing – but it requires more than high energy; it also requires you to direct that energy to the right places.

That is true of all healing and is the second reason with Twin Flames are so able to heal each other.

To point the energy at the right place (so to speak) you need to know where that place is.

Nobody knows your intricacies, complexities, and quirks quite as well as your mirror soul, so finding the parts of your psyche and spirit that need attention is a job best left to them.

The most successful relationships that quickly reach union and ascension are the ones that have a regular healing schedule.

They set aside time to address the problems within the relationship and to help each other with their issues.

Having a regular outlet for the negative energy that naturally builds up is one way of negating the need for more drastic techniques as it keeps your aura bright and vibrant.

But your power to heal each other is only ever as strong as your connection.

Maintaining that connection is a subject for another post, but there are plenty of ways that you can ensure a healthy link with your Twin Flame.

In cases where your connection isn’t as strong as it could be, you should instead focus on strengthening that.

Twin Flame Healing Powers: Top Techniques

There are many techniques that have been developed over the years to help Twin Flames to heal each other and themselves through the use of their unique connection.

Some are general-purpose, intended for daily use to keep you in top condition.

Others are aimed at dealing with specific trauma or tackling critical issues in your relationship.

1. Healing Through Honesty

Ask anyone who has been in the long term, successful relationship what their secret is, and they will almost always say “honest communication.”

They are right for several reasons, one of which lies in the power of the voice.

Your voice is more than just a sound you make; it’s your primary way of connecting your mind to the mind of another.

Without a voice, your thoughts stay locked inside your head.

When you share your inner self with your Twin Flame by discussing your thoughts, desires, and problems, you open up an emotional and spiritual dialogue, as well as a physical one.

The back and forth creates energy flow between you, washing away the negative energy that is causing problems in your lives.

Try to commit to sitting down on a regular basis to discuss any issues and problems that have arisen.

This healing isn’t just to do with your relationship, but also your inner feelings that you might otherwise neglect to share.

How often you do this is up to you – whatever fits with your unique chemistry.

Take once a week to once a month as a rough guide. If you find you both argue a lot, then increase this time to daily until the fighting stops.

2. Energy Healing

Energy healing is something that anyone can do, but doing it with your mirror soul is particularly powerful.

It involves meditation aimed at drawing energy from Source to cleanse your aura and strengthen your protection from outside forces.

One popular technique is chakra healing meditation. This healing involves identifying your problem areas by finding blockages and over-activations in your subtle body chakras.

These are energy centers in your body that govern every facet of you, and where the problems are will determine the symptoms you experience.

During meditation, you should focus your mind on the problem areas in your chakra system and draw energy from Source to help alleviate them.

The advantage of doing this with your Twin Flame is twofold.

First, you are very energetically attuned so you will be able to help identify problems within each other’s subtle bodies.

Then you are also able to help draw energy from Source as when you are together; you are essentially sharing your energy.

3. Healing Through Connection

This healing leads us nicely on to the final technique – healing through connection.

Sometimes just being around each other can help to heal you, as long as you feel connected.

The trick is to find ways to strengthen your connection at the moment so that your aura heals on its own.

The best ways of doing this involve shared passions.

Listening to music, watching your favorite movie, engaging in a shared hobby – all of these things can help you to heal through the Twin Flame connection.

The reason that this works is that when you are doing something you love with someone, you love your entire system fills with love. Love heals all wounds.

But it also allows you to realign yourselves to each other.

Over time you will drift from alignment, and unless you put in the time to connect on a regular basis, you can easily fall out of sync.