Your True Twin Flame will change your life. Meeting them will feel like meeting with your destiny, and in many ways, it is.

They are sometimes known as Mirror Souls and Twin Souls and are often mistaken for soulmates as is often presented to us in popular culture.

The web is full of so much information, much of it is re-written, and not all of it is true.

There is a universal imperative for the two of you to come together.

What this means is that many synchronicities will come into play in the run-up to and duration of your relationship together.

There are also a number of signs that you will be able to see when you meet them for the first time.

And as your relationship develops, they will come to you thick and heady, which often leaves you feeling quite giddy with the understanding of this discovery.

Using these signs you can find and identify them, though as we’ll discuss shortly, this can be a bit of a trap.

But let’s start with the basics:

What Is A True Twin Flame?

Although it is a common misconception that they are one and the same, it is useful to think of them as your soulmate as a starting point.

But unlike the Hollywood and popular culture representations of soulmates, this type of partnership is primarily an “energy relationship.”

So while they get the intensity and the tumultuous nature of it right, they do not go into the deep spiritual connection that exists between Twin Flames.

What do we mean by an energy relationship? It means that your feelings for each other did not evolve by mutual physical attraction or compatible personalities.

The attraction between you developed because you have a shared soul pattern.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a physical attraction or compatible personalities.

In fact, you will find these things in abundance! You will share a deep connection in every facet of your life, and this includes intense mutual chemistry and attraction.

It’s just that these things are as a result of your underlying soul pattern that you both share.

You can think of this as a blueprint for your soul, and since you share that blueprint, you will express a lot of the same patterns.

But you will not be ultimately the same. Your life experiences shape who you are so the way your soul blueprint expresses will differ from each other.

Throughout your relationship, you will align your energies to a balance between you, and in doing so, you will be able to achieve Ascension.

It is the process of moving to a higher vibrational state and a higher state of consciousness.

Signs Of Meeting Your True Twin Flame

When you meet them, you will experience several signs and symptoms that you can use to identify them.

Check the following signs to see if you have already met them:

  • Heart chakra activation. When you meet them, your Heart chakra will go into overdrive, causing heart palpitations (a flutter in the chest) and a feeling of warmth that spreads through your body.
  • Lots of eye contact. Something about their eyes puts you in a sort of trance, and vice versa. Eyes are the windows to the soul – your souls recognize each other through them.
  • You are the only two people in the world. The outside world seems to melt away, leaving everything that matters wrapped up in the little bubble that has formed around the two of you.
  • You feel accepted for who you are. It feels almost the same way as meeting an old friend that you haven’t see in a long time – partly because you are, in a way!
  • You feel it intuitively. You might not be able to explain precisely what it is, but you know how important this person is to you and your future. It’s unshakeable and sticks with you for days.
  • Chakra activation. The sheer amount of energy that enters your system when you meet will activate all of your chakras, which can feel like floating on air. You might experience hot flashes, light-headedness, and tingling.
  • Intense magnetism. You feel a magnetic pull towards them that is almost physical, making leaving their company far more complicated than you would imagine.
  • Destiny. You feel like you are fulfilling your destiny at that moment.

True Twin Flame vs False Twin Flame

Unfortunately, these signs mirror with your False Twin Flame as well.

Your False Twin is a kind of karmic imposter, and you often meet them right before your meet your True Twin.

They exhibit all the same signs in the beginning, but soon enough, it will become clear that they are not the real deal.

The purpose of this relationship is as a final preparation for meeting your Mirror Soul. To progress, you must identify the imposter and let go of them.

You will know that you are with a False Twin Flame if:

  • There is a lot of looking backward. Rather than being forwarding looking, they will consistently bring up things from the past.
  • You are unable to express yourself. If it feels like you are always on eggshells around them and as a result, you fail to express your emotions, then they are not the real deal.
  • They are emotionally unavailable. If they refuse to connect with you emotionally or refuse to reveal their inner feelings to you, then they are probably an imposter.
  • They have commitment issues. Your True Mirror Soul feels as strongly about you as you feel about them, so they will have no trouble making commitments to your relationship. Your False Twin knows deep down they are an imposter and try to keep from making commitments.

When you discover that an imposter has fooled you, it can be disappointing and a little embarrassing.

You will probably feel a bit silly for falling for it.

But what you should feel is excited! The final hurdle is down, and you are ready to meet the mirror of your soul.