The world around us is densely packed with cosmic energy. It exists everywhere, at all times, and it affects everything we do.

It is these energy vibrations between people that result in emotional and spiritual connections.

These connections are the most important things to us in this life, so understanding energy vibrations between people and how to harness them is vital to you living life to its fullest potential.

Making Connections

Have you ever met someone, and it immediately felt like they were precisely on your level?

Making a connection is as simple as being close to someone else, but people with similar vibration frequencies forge stronger connections more quickly.

When you get a “good vibe” or a “bad vibe” from someone, what you are noticing is their energy vibrations and how you feel about them depends a lot on how they match up with yours.

Having a similar vibration pattern to someone else causes harmony, which raises everybody’s vibrations, causing good feelings and happy thoughts.

On the other hand, having vastly different vibration patterns to someone else causes discord, which can cause bad feelings and ill will.

Sharing Energy Through Auras

Your individual energy fingerprint is held deep within you, but it is expressed primarily through your aura.

Your aura extends several feet around you and is composed of energy matching your spiritual state.

Different energies have different colours, and it is using these colours that aura readers can diagnose your spiritual health.

But your aura has more purpose than just being a litmus test for your soul.

When your aura mixes with someone else’s, you share your energy vibrations. The better you get on and the more open you are with each other, the more your auras mix.

It is usually great for your relationship with that person, but it can also be a bad thing.

If the person you are interacting with has a lot of negative energy in their aura, you will absorb some of that negativity and carry it with you in your aura.

Love Energy Vibrations

Energy vibrates at different frequencies depending on the type of energy it is.

Low and base energy has a low-frequency vibration. Feelings such as anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, along with other negative ideals, are the quickest ways to send your energy plummeting.

Love, on the other hand, holds the highest frequency alongside consciousness.

When you fall in love, the energy in your chakra system goes into overdrive. It’s like giving catnip to Mittens, and your soul is metaphorically bouncing off the walls with all the stimulation.

It is the effect of raising vibrations, which is the way that you can achieve ascension, awakening and enlightenment.

Living with love in your heart naturally improves your spiritual wellbeing.

It also improves your relationships, and we can see that in the world around us. Those who give love, receive love in return – and people in love are happier.

Taking care of your energy, vibrations should be your number one priority. And when you share your energy with others, remember to do so with love, light and peace as your intent.

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