Grey aura meaning: Every colour has its own importance when they appear in the human aura.

Grey is not a very common colour to appear in the aura, but when it is present, it has a special meaning.

Grey can be a gloomy colour. It is not very bright; it is a mixture of black and white.

Overall, when you see the grey colour, it gives you the feeling of sadness.

Thus, many people say that this aura is quite negative, but that’s not entirely true.

The different shades of grey have different meanings. Not every grey is negative, but also it is correct to say that not every grey is positive either.

Here is the grey aura meaning according to its different hues:

Silvery Grey:

Silver is the colour of spirits, and it is associated with good things.

It shows the connection between a strong body and mind.

Usually, those people have this colour in their aura that practice yoga or go for any kind of spiritual improvement.

Heather Grey:

This colour is often associated with long-term illness. Also, it also shows that the person is drawing towards pessimism.

People who have become highly sensitive due to any reason have an aura of this colour.

They need special attention and excellent care.

Charcoal Grey:

This colour is not a very good indicator of a state of life.

People with this colour aura are facing extreme depression that could lead them towards mental illness or even suicide.

It is the sign of hopelessness in their lives. If they remain like that, there is a chance that their aura will even get darker.

Muddy Grey:

Muddy grey colour is associated with fear mostly. It means that fear is making its roots deep in the body.

Not only fear, but it is also associated with illness. If the grey clusters are present in any particular part of the body in the aura, it shows that area has some extreme health problems.

Bright Grey:

As the grey colour is the mixture of black and white, when there is an increased proportion of white in the formation of grey, then it means that the person has started to discover his natural abilities and gifts.

It is the colour that indicates a good initiation of a long journey.

Dirty Grey Overlay:

If that happens, then it is a strong indication of an energy block.


If the grey colour is present in your aura with extra whiter component than black, then you shouldn’t worry because it shows that you are on the right track.

Your aura shows that whatever choices you are making will help you in the future. However, if your grey aura has black colour more than white, then it is an alarming sign.

The darker it gets, the more you will drift away from life and spirituality.

If your aura is turning dark grey, then you should work on yourself.

Start meditating, do yoga, or follow the advice of the spiritual healers.

Do whatever it takes to save yourself when you still have time.