Does My Twin Flame Miss Me Too?

Does my twin flame miss me too? Is a question often asked by readers here on SU. Missing your Twin Flame and not having any idea whether they miss you too or not can be very agonising.

Any person is bound to fall into despair if they stay up all night thinking about their Twin Flame, wondering if the person who’s the most important part of their life misses them just as much.

The Stage of Separation

Twin Flames sometimes tend to go through a lot of painful and troublesome stages to get to the Twin Flame Union stage.

Sometimes, they have to go through an extended period of separation before they can be together.

This period of separation can bring anxiety and sorrow to the hearts of the Twins and make them sceptical about the connection they have.

It is during this period of separation that the Twins begin to wonder whether the other Twin is missing them just as much as they are missing them.

It’s not uncommon to want to know if the person who means so much to you misses you as well.

Chasers and Runners

Many Twin Flame Chasers get angry and upset when they see the Runners smiling in pictures or when they see how happy they are without them.

The Chasers don’t realise that this display of happiness by the Runners might only be a façade.

A lie created by them just to show the Chasers that they are doing fine without them, even when they are not.

Luckily, for Twin Flames, the Universe is always sending them signs.

If the Twin Flames look hard enough, they will find that the Universe is always guiding them and the signs are present everywhere around them.

Seeing Your Twin in Dreams

You will often see your Twin Flame in your dreams. This is one of the most important signs that show that your Twin Flame has been thinking about you and missing you.

It is often said that when you dream of someone, it is because they have been thinking of you, so make sure whenever you see your Twin in your dreams, you write your dreams down so you can interpret their meaning later.

Meaningful Coincidences

You will experience strange synchronicities every now and then. Synchronicities can be in the form of anything.

They can be a pattern of numbers or letters or some other coincidental event that will make you question everything.

These coincidences have a more profound meaning, and you have to interpret them.

If you are still in contact with your Twin Flame, they might even text or call you when you are missing them.

This is a sign that they have been missing you and they have been thinking about you, just as you have been thinking about them.

Feeling Your Twin’s Presence

You might even hear the voice of your Twin Flame in your head.

When you deeply miss your Twin Flame, and they miss you too, you will start to see them everywhere, and you will feel their presence, not just around you, but within you as well.

You will feel their energy vibrating inside you.  I hope this concludes the question ”does my twin flame miss me too”.