What happens when soulmates are separated? Humans are free spirits; they aren’t meant to be caged. Their capricious nature is the reason why concepts like soul mates and twin flames form and disintegrate.

Soulmates separate for many reasons. Whether these causes are substantial or not, both of them are left to deal with the painful aftermath of this separation.

They cry, writhe in desperation and survive on a morsel of hope. They have some knowledge on how to hold onto love but have no idea how to let go of it.

Well, let me tell you, there’s no easy way to see it slip from your fingers. You have to accept your tragic fate and set your eyes on newer horizons.

What happens when soulmates are separated?

A soulmate’s purpose in our life is to propel us towards spiritual illumination. They come in our life to teach us valuable lessons about love, life and spirituality.

Every soulmate you stumble across in your life imparts certain qualities in you that help you sustain a relationship with your twin flame.

Their separation teaches you how to let go of your dearest possessions. Your soul must be a temple of wisdom for it to reunite with a twin.

It’s never going to gain that knowledge and emotional intelligence by simple gliding through life. Persistent pain stretches the boundaries of our insightfulness and empathy.

Without it, we’re nothing but savages, unworthy of love. Your soulmate indirectly prepares you for your twin flame.

Once your time with him/her is over, it means you are edging closer to your destined twin.

It’s futile to cry over the loss of someone who paved your path to someone even better. We should thank our soul mates for being guiding beacons of love and light.

Nothing is coincidental

Nothing in this universe is coincidental. Everything has been placed in our path to make us realise our real purpose in life.

Our soulmates serve the same purpose. Always remember that desperation in love is criminal. Love isn’t something you can own.

It’s something that crosses your path at its own will. If you coerce it to stay, you’ll scare it off into an unsearchable wilderness.

Our whole life is merely an act of letting go. We must learn to let go of our friends, pets, family and even our soulmates.

Soulmate relationships meet their end because they start to become karmic and abusive. And mostly, after an overwhelming karmic connection, a twin flame relationship follows.

Moving on from your soulmate might be an arduous struggle, but vow to grow and understand the bigger picture.

Realise what’s at stake if you don’t learn to let go. See the relationship as a learning curve rather than a tragedy because that’s what it was, to begin with.

The spring of love will reign supreme once again. All you have to do is believe in the immortality of love. Love never dies, it only changes form.

What happens when a soulmate is separated? Relentless pain, but this pain only catalysis your spiritual illumination.

It transforms us into a stronger being, capable of defeating emotional catastrophes. This concludes the question ”what happens when soulmates are separated”.

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