Crystals for astral projection are helpful in both voluntary and involuntary travelling. These stones are known to have special powers that augment your out of body experience.

Here is the list of best crystals that can help you with astral projection:


Iolite is known as the exploration stone. It produces a long-lasting effect on your mind on the astral plane.

If you want to remember your out-of-body experiences then keeping this stone with you will be a good idea. It makes recalling of the astral events easy.

Black Tourmaline

The astral world is a vast place, and you need to protect yourself from unknown beings.

When you astral travel with black tourmaline around, it protects you from harmful energies that might drain your energy during astral projection.


It is the booster stone that strengthens your will to astral travel. You need determination to astral travel, and this stone plays the part by supporting your desire.


Another name for this stone is adventure stone. This crystal boosts your confidence and lets you enjoy your time on the astral plane. When it combines with Iolite, they provide a flawless astral traveling package.

Phantom Quartz

In simple words, it will work like an energy drink for you. This crystal will enhance your energy required in the astral plane and open all your chakras. Other than that, it also augments the power of other crystals that you use.

Blue Calcite

This stone is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. As astral projection requires deep relaxation, having this stone around helps you to achieve it. It aids in floating your astral body, and also it becomes easy for you to leave your physical form in its presence.

This stone also blocks negative energies on the astral plane.


Flourite comes in many beautiful colours, no matter which colour you select, it is a powerful stone that gives you energy on the astral plane.

People use this crystal to purify their aura, and this makes travelling easy.


Angelite is the stone that elevates your energy upon the astral plane.

This crystal is known to enhance the vibration of calmness and love, and thus allows you to astral project without being affected by the negative energies that want to exhaust you in that unknown world. It helps you to explore the unknown by retaining your power.


It is the crystal for those people who want to astral project to meet other beings.

There are positive as well as negative beings in the astral world. Galaxite protects your aura and saves it from any adverse impact so you can easily contact with positive powers.

There is no hard and fast rule about how many crystals to use to get the optimum results.

It is up to you entirely. You can also place them wherever you want in your astral travel room. Under your pillow or on the side table, the choice is ultimately yours.