Are you feeling tired after the spiritual awakening process? Feeling tired is one of the common spiritual ascension symptoms.

So Why Am I So Tired?

Because you had so much energy moving through your body, you either felt hyper, happy, profound sadness in your life or even felt very depressed.

You are constantly processing many of the spiritual ascension symptoms and with it, you are downloading new knowledge. Your daily job, your lifestyle does not make any sense anymore.

With all this thinking and processing going on, the body gets tired. You have zero energy and can no longer do the things you used to do.

The tiredness energy comes from the kundalini energy, where your soul is trying to merge with your body, everything is being processed, and what you don’t need is taken out, allowing you to grow as a spiritual person and your true self.

This processing hits your physical body hard; you might imagine this higher vibration energy coming into your third-dimensional body.

Tiredness The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual awakening isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There’s a lot of physical pain involved. You might feel like a lifeless shell at times who can’t take it anymore.

To understand the spiritual meaning of fatigue, you have to first understand how our society works. Today, we have to live with so many worldly burdens—jobs, social security, and marital responsibilities, among other things.

Trapped in all of this, the most important part of our being—the “self”—becomes a thing of the past. When we’re unable to pay attention to our “self,” we become out of touch with our bodies.

We no longer understand how to deal with its different sensations and answer to its various callings.

So, when we finally experience a spiritual awakening, our “self” tries to reconnect us with our flesh, bones, mind, and spirit.

And during this process, everything we’ve ignored while chasing our worldly ambitions comes crashing back. We experience fever, pain, headaches, and nausea, and a whole host of physical symptoms.

This fatigue is part of the inner work we must do to regain the trust of our bodies.

Feeling Tired Or Fatigue After Kundalini Awakening

There are many reasons behind spiritual fatigue. Some of them happen during kundalini awakening, a process in which your body’s clogged energy points open up.

Suppressed Emotions

First and foremost are the things we have withheld for a long period. Anything that stays buried hinders our growth and makes us resentful and bitter. We feel like worthless beings that everyone takes for granted.

Although we might expect others to fulfill our desires, the truth is that it’s our responsibility to express our genuine opinions, thoughts, and needs.

However, don’t take this as a cue to blurt out everything that comes to your mind. Your job isn’t to stuff throats with your emotions, impulsively and obnoxiously.

To openly express your feelings, you must take the time to think before you speak, be vulnerable yet eloquent.

Refusal To Accept Uncomfortable Things

We spend most of our lives in our comfort zone. We refuse to wade our way forward to the things that make us grow.

Instead of accepting our grief, shame, and inadequacies, we push it down to our shadow self, where it lives for as long as it wants.

This holds us captive, enfolded in intense fatigue every day. It eats us like a parasite and makes every activity meaningless and bland.


Living in denial is another big reason behind ascension fatigue.

When we refuse to accept our hopes, dreams, and desires, we value down our self-worth.

Despite our inner voice telling us to be more responsible and dutiful and kind and generous, we cling to the clutches of mediocrity.

When this happens, our mind, body, and spirit punish us for our self-betrayal. It resists our energies and makes us feel repulsive and stagnant.

Now that you know why this fatigue is creeping up on you, you should educate yourself on fixing your situation. Here are some solutions to nudge you in the right direction:

Talk To Yourself

Your inner voice wants to communicate with you.

Ask yourself, what do you want to do in life? Reflect on your past, and reconnect with a lost dream you set aside for the façade of mediocrity.

When you communicate with the “self,” you realize how you betrayed yourself and what you have to do to muster the courage and humility to make amends.

Rest The Body

When we suffer from fatigue, we want to sleep for a whole month. But, when we crash on the bed, tired and exhausted, we fail to get some shut-eye.

We spend so much time tossing and turning and looking at the ceiling. This means it’s not sleep our body needs, but rest.

For this, take power naps. Power naps are more energizing than a long sleep. You can use hypnosis tapes, relaxation audios, set alarms, and use other meditation resources if you’re having difficulty sleeping.

Practice Silence

Noise is a stressor. If you live in a busy city, where there’s a lot of commotion and traffic, your body will feel nervous and overwhelmed.

To dial things down, find a spot in your home with zero distractions, and spend some time there. Go on a TV and Laptop diet, and only speak when you want to.

Connect With Nature

Nature is one of the best ways to replenish your soul.

When you connect with the natural world around you, you intake many soothing and powerful scents, smells, and images.

This cleanses anxious thoughts and makes you appreciate the beauty of the moment.

Tiredness Awakening With Twin Flame

Your twin flame is your soul mirror. Not only do they reflect your greatest hopes and dreams, but also your greatest fears and insecurities.

That’s why the twin flame journey is so hard to wrap your head around. Instead of accepting their spiritual shortcomings, most people refuse to acknowledge their past faults.

This accumulates tiredness between twin flames and traps them in a constant loop of hurt and suffering.

You have to understand: Adversity is the biggest catalyst of change. It’s when things don’t go your way, and you’re coerced out of your comfort zone, that is when the inner transcendence and transformation starts.

Without this, you stay stuck in limbo for many years to come.

And you feel sleepy and tired, and every day feels long and tiresome.

Ever watched Groundhog Day?

The protagonist repeats the same mistakes again and again. Only when he realizes that there’s more to his life than this continuous cycle of the same dull routine does escape from the meaningless of his existence.

How To Break The Loop?

Some people misconstrue the concept of twin flame love. It’s not always about loving the other person and saying yes to their every demand.

No, it’s also about pushing their boundaries and helping them become a better version of themselves.

Although twin flames have unconditional love, they’re also brave enough to show each other who they are. They don’t shy away from inspiring each other to realize their true potentials.

Unconditional love should never be one-way. Otherwise, it becomes codependent love. Meaning, you have to live with the risk of jeopardizing your relationship.

The truth is that true twin flame relationships never end. They might pause and become dormant, but they never die. True twin flames always come back to each other, no matter what the circumstances.

What tires most twin flames is not fulfilling their life purpose.

Their chief mission is to indulge in the “hard talks” and shift each other so that they can honor their destinies. Otherwise, their relationship never stabilizes, and every day becomes a huge burden.

Ascension Symptom And Fatigue

Ascension is the excitation of your being to a higher level.

Most people spend their whole lives in vibrational deafness. They’re not able to fully appreciate their friends, family, nature, and everything they come in touch with. This makes them tired and exhausted.

Instead of taking stock and responsibility for their lives, they resort to blaming and shaming.

And when ascension or spiritual enlightenment comes knocking on their doors, it takes a toll on their bodies. All the negative energy over the years weighs their spirits down.

They live with excruciating pain, and the only way for them to move forward is to endure and accept.

Most people think that fatigue associated with spiritual enlightenment is a bad thing. But, that is far from the truth. It’s part of the process of enlightenment.

Without pain, you can never hope to become a better version of yourself. So, you have to embrace the shift.

According to one theory, as soon as we wake the conscious choice to accept enlightenment in our beings, energetic parasites creep into our bodies.

They infect us with low self-esteem and hate and try their level best to keep us embroiled in lies.

When we make peace with their resistance instead of warding off their attacks, we set ourselves free and transcend to a new plane of vibration.

Open Your Heart To Others

One of the biggest obstacles people face is letting others in on their secrets. Your ascension journey doesn’t have to be private. You can let in people in your pain and suffering.

Unless you gather the strength to explain in your words what’s wrong with you, you’ll never come to terms with your circumstances.

For this, you need someone you trust, someone you can open your heart to. Otherwise, the fatigue piles up like a bag of bricks and drags you to the ground instead of lifting you to the skies.

Feeling Tired After Spiritual Healing

A lot of people ask why they feel tired after a spiritual healing session. Honestly, I’ll explain the reasons below.

As humans, we are energy beings – and everything in our bodies is affected by different feelings, emotions, and moods.

Especially our organs and the tissues that surround them are affected by what we feel and go through.

Stress is an immaterial concept, and yet it still affects us on a physical level.

Just as we work on our healing process by letting go of the emotions we’ve pent up inside our bodies, newer, deeper layers show that we need to heal.

As you go through the process, know that this isn’t anything to be afraid of.

It’s said that our emotions are stored, just like fat, in some organ or a place in the body. In Chinese medicine, Anger and Resentment live inside the Liver, Grief in the Lungs, etc.

When you start working in kinesiology, your body releases pent-up emotions logged in your system.

As your body finally relaxes, it starts finding other emotions stored inside elsewhere when you were under stress.

As a result, you feel lethargic because your body makes you stop in your steps and allows you to heal.

If you feel tired after any emotional release work, it’s all right. It means your body is finally healing again.

Spiritual Exhaustion Symptoms

Experiencing Unknown Pains

Our soul is a part of our body. As it faces struggles, its exhaustion translates into physical symptoms. Because of this, you might feel dizzy and experience pain, headaches, nausea.

Mild Panic Attacks

We try to find some semblance of happiness in this cold, empty world. But when we’re unable to do so, our souls feel exhausted spiritually, and our levels of anxiety soar.

This perpetual feeling of anxiousness may trigger panic attacks.

Unable To Face Struggles

We can also know our souls are exhausted when we can’t handle any small challenge life throws at us. And any small struggle may overwhelm our whole being.

Can’t Sleep Properly

You can’t sleep properly at night – instead, you feel restless and unable to calm yourself. You might even dream very realistically or suffer nightmares when you do finally sleep.

Feeling Exhausted

When you feel tired even after sleeping properly at night, it can be said that it’s your soul that’s tired, not your body.

In this case, sleeping won’t cause you to feel refreshed. It’s your soul that needs rest, not your body.

Feeling Lonely

Exhaustion of the soul can make you go into hermit mode, and you find yourself distanced from the people you love, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Spiritual Ascension Symptoms, Healing From Feeling Tired

Your body will heal and repair itself, and the spiritual energy will start to settle.

Unfortunately, our world is not set up to help people with this. We live in a world where everyone is busy in their own lives.

Instead of being someone’s confidant or support in time of need, people are lost in their little private islands.

And those suffering have to deal with their pain and hurt on their own. But, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope.

And this doesn’t mean you won’t find people who are willing to help you.

The universe will send the right people your way, but you have to learn to differentiate them from the rest.

Spiritual enlightenment isn’t about engaging with everyone but involving yourself with people having higher vibrational frequencies. People who are worth your time and effort.

When you have figured out what you need to do spiritually, mentally, and physically, here are some things you can do fast-track spiritual healing:

Do What Brings You Happiness

You have to learn to say no. Despite social pressures, you have to learn how to put yourself first.

For instance, if you think a certain partner is not good for you, or a certain friend is taking you for granted, you have to learn to change your companions. It’s the only way you can find happiness.

Do The Things That Bring You Better Health

You can’t stay in one place, hoping things will be better. You have to step out and seek the things that enrich your body and soul.

Like to visit the beach or go on walks with your dog — what’s stopping you? It would help if you never compromised your health. Otherwise, you might never spiritually heal.

Do What’s Needed Getting You Closer To Your Spiritual Purpose And Mission

Once you open your eyes to what you truly want in life, do everything possible to get it. It might mean derision and losing friends, and inhumane humiliation, but you have to stay committed to your life purpose.

No matter the obstacles, once you understand that you’re searching for something bigger than yourself, you’ll be ready to make every sacrifice imaginable.

In the end, it’s up to you to become the best version of yourself. No one’s going to do it for you. Not your best friends. Not your soul mates. Not your parents.

The responsibility falls on your shoulders. The sooner you realize that, the better your chances at spiritual healing.


Spiritual ascension can be devastating to your whole system. And the first thing to do after feeling exhausted is to be heard and understood.

Life can’t go on as before, but you have to make sure that you understand what it takes for you to adjust. Otherwise, life won’t get better; it will only get worse.

You have to learn to separate the people who are worth your time, effort, and energy from those who are not.

You have to surround yourself with positive people you can learn from, instead of letting negative people drain you.

Rediscovering yourself requires that you take care of yourself first. You have to be OK on your own before trying anything else.