Will my soulmate come back to me? It is the most commonly asked question when your soulmate leaves you. To understand whether there will be a reunion or not, you need to answer these two things honestly:

  1. Whether he/she was your soulmate?
  2. What was the nature of your relationship?

In your heart, you know that person was your soulmate but are you sure that you are right? Your heart may have mistaken. There are karmic relationships as well, in which there is an intense attraction at the beginning.

It seems like you cannot survive without that person, but that’s not true. You survived as any other person would have. See the characteristics of the soulmate relationship to know whether that person was your soulmate.

If your answer is right, and that person is your soulmate, then there’s no guarantee still that your soulmate will come back to you. In your lifetime, you can encounter more than one soulmate.

Every soulmate in your life has a particular purpose, and when that purpose is served, they leave. The nature of the relationship matters a lot as well. A soulmate is someone whom your soul feels connected to. It is also not necessary that a soulmate relationship is always romantic.

There’s a chance that while fulfilling your destinies, both soulmates come together with the firm bond of love that is above all attractions. If that happened, your soulmate would come back to you no matter what. However, there are so many other things to remember as well.

Not every soulmate relationship is destined to remain together forever as well, even when there is no issue between them.

Now let’s discuss the things that happen on your soulmate’s end that might bring them back:

The New Disastrous Relationship

Your soulmate would have left because he/she has found someone more attractive than you. But, the soulmate connection is something more beautiful than any mere attraction. When the honeymoon phase ends, your soulmate will start to see the flaws in the new person.

There will be fights and problems that make them think of you. In anytime between 4 to 24 months, your soulmate will come back to you when they see the disasters of their new union.

A Way To Mold:

No relationship is perfect, but it could be near perfect. Sometimes breakups become essential for the reunion. Certain lessons are needed to be learnt, which could not be known when living in a relationship. Your soulmate might have left only to be prepared for the reunion with you. The breakup was necessary to mould them in the person who could survive every thick and thin with you.

Your Own Personality

How you were dealing with your soulmate in the current relationship is a major factor in your reunion. If you have a dynamic personality, and you are handling the relationship ideally, your soulmate would regret to leave you and might find ways to amend the mistakes. On the other hand, if you are pushy, moody, or needy, in the relationship, your soulmate might leave you for who you are and never return.

Final Verdict:

There is no indemnity that your soulmate will come back to you or not. All you can do is to be patient for a while, if you want that relationship back, try to sort out the problems that have led to the breakup. After correcting your mistakes, approach your soulmate again instead of waiting. If you don’t get the positive response, move on with your life. This life is too short to be wasted on a person who doesn’t care!