What are the ways a twin flame connection can be too intense? A twin flame connection is characterised by instant soul recognition and insane magnetic attraction.

There’s no middle ground when it comes to twin flame love. You either feel euphoric or destructive. In the initial phases, especially, the flames sustain these extremities.

Twin flame energy is unparalleled, uncontrollable and the most intense you’re ever bound to experience in your lifetime. It cannot be contained. It challenges your cerebral limits.

Unparalleled Emotional and Physical Intimacy

The lovemaking aspect of a twin-flame relationship is unbelievable. Everything is spontaneous and makes absolute sense. Twins don’t feel like strangers.

They feel as if they’ve known each other for an eternity. Mainly beacuse they have.

Their energies synchronise like clockwork. They complete each other in every sense of the word.

They propel each other towards spiritual enlightenment. There is no space for doubts or confusion. They know that they’re destined to end up together against insurmountable odds.

In light of all the above facts, the lovemaking is magical.

They seduce each other with their affectionate silence and coddling touches. The intimacy is on a whole different level.

Otherworldly Vigor

Sheer enthusiasm and excitement fuels a twin flame union. At first, you are in disbelief about the existence of such a connection; the rarity of it astounds you.

You make a vow to spread the love. You transform into a whole other person. You get in touch with your latent talents and abilities.

You radiate positive energy and everyone around you benefits from it, including your work colleagues, siblings and friends.

You take strides to become the best version of yourself. You feel as if there are no limitations to your goodness.

You gather the courage to forgive all your mistakes. At this point, you are at the highest frequency possible.

Overwhelming Anxiety

However, they also feel incredibly anxious. As they’re in the process of cleansing yourself from their decrepit self, fear and depression put up a resistance.

They try to halt their advances towards enlightenment. Anxiety misleads them into thinking that they’re not going to end up together. Overthinking exacerbates the plight.

At times, they feel emotionally drained, devoid of life and trapped in a perpetual state of emptiness. Their deepest insecurities also activate them, triggering indecision and cynicism.

Intense Grief

Sorrow also dawns on them because all the memories resurface.

You’re in a continual process of purging themselves and to do that; they have to face all the anguish that they have undergone in their past. There’s no other way.

To resolve their emotional conflicts, they must come to terms with their current reality. And doing that is not easy. It takes a toll on some people.

Unable to cope with their emotional burdens, they fall into acute episodes of grief.

So, is the twin flame connection too intense? Most definitely! It’s destructive and curing, assuring and sceptical, all at the same time.

Navigating the pleasures and sorrows of a twin flame union is truly worth it!