Spiritual awakening is the beginning of a long journey. It is the turning point in our daily life. It is the dramatic shift in consciousness that changes everything.

This realization of your true self affects so many deviations in life on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

It’s a spiritual experience that changes the way you view life, people, happiness, sadness, being alone, being together.

It’s a daily spiritual practice to find peace in everything around us and within us.

The true nature of what we are is something beyond description, beyond understanding. 

We are infinite energy, awareness, consciousness. It’s a spirit that has chosen to experience life in this physical form.

With daily spiritual practice and meditation, the true nature of who we are can be realized daily.

If you are wondering what life after awakening can feel like then read on.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

The notion of awakening has been known for centuries and can be recognized in many cultures and religions. 

Some of the most known cases of spiritual awakenings are those that took place throughout the history of sainthood in various religions. 

The word “enlightenment” has been carried on by Buddhist beliefs, for example.

Spiritual awakening is a dramatic shift in consciousness that changes everything. Spiritual realization affects so many deviations in life.

Some call it the true awakening, bliss, or nirvana; it is the true nature of who we are. We are infinite energy, awareness, consciousness.

The nature of reality changes when we become one with the universe. It is the true spiritual journey of life.

We begin to have transformative experiences when we start to connect with nature and our true selves.

Many philosophies and religions have recognized this true awakening. 

Many of the most famous cases throughout history were those whose insight brought them closer to nature.

What causes a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything, from something ordinary to major life-changing events.

Small daily things like spending our days in nature and meditating can also cause major changes in the way we view life and ourselves.

The causes of spiritual awakenings can be dreams, near-death experiences, traumatic experiences, major life-altering situations, or even changes in perception through the recreational use of drugs.

It changes the way we see human life and major life events.

It makes us realize that there’s a lot more to this physical experience than just going through the motions of everyday life.

Spiritual awakening is a major shift in consciousness that not only transforms our views of life but also how we see major events and human existence.

What To Expect After A Spiritual Awakening

A shift in consciousness can leave us feeling isolated, confused, or even afraid at times.

It’s a change that leaves you with an entirely new outlook on life and this physical experience.

Life after awakening can feel like an endless roller coaster ride.

When you realize the true nature of who you are, it may make you feel like life is like a game at first, an illusion of the true reality of who you are.

Awakening can leave us feeling confused or disoriented.

It’s a major realization with many changes taking place day by day in our physical existence.

Many physical and spiritual changes occur as we try to adjust to this new reality.

It’s a daily practice that will take lifelong dedication and determination.

Once you begin your spiritual journey, you have to be prepared for many physical and spiritual changes!

What To Expect After A Spiritual Awakening: physical symptoms

The physical body is the first thing to experience changes after awakening.

The mental body will follow suit, as your physical and psychic bodies begin to transform themselves.

When you start understanding the nature of who you are, it can be very confusing because you become aware of so much more than just what’s physically visible.

You may also experience physical symptoms like headaches, pain all over the body, nausea, or even vomiting.

Many people experience heavy kriyas or involuntary movement of their bodies when they start to awaken.

Other physical symptoms include changes in diet, loss of appetite for specific foods, difficulty sleeping, and more!

Many of these physical side effects are usually temporary.

Life-Changing Events after Awakening

Here are some changes in your life you might experience after spiritual awakening:

You’ve reevaluated your religious belief

After awakening, you may change your spiritual belief to adjust to this new reality.

You have a permanent sense of peace and happiness

You know, deep within your soul, that everything is okay.

Life might not always go as you planned or hoped (in fact, it almost never does), but you find yourself feeling grounded and at peace with the world around you.

After a spiritual awakening, you begin to feel a permanent sense of happiness and peace.

A spiritual awakening will leave you permanently changed on many levels.

You have a strong sense of what’s important in life

Simply put, you’ve realized that material things don’t compare to the value of your own spirit.

You know now, more than ever before, that your relationships with others and yourself are the most important aspects of life.

Your dreams are more vivid.

The spiritual awakening process leaves us with a more vivid view of how we perceive life. Your dreams will become more vivid as well.

From my experience, the meaning behind dreams becomes very apparent once you go through this life-changing experience.

It’s a deep part of your psyche and your spiritual existence.

You feel more connected to spiritual and higher realms

You become more open to the idea of life after death, soul travel, or astral projection.

It’s not unusual to experience lucid dreaming as well during this time in your existence.

Dreams are important to our spiritual evolvement.

The more you connect with your spiritual self, the more you will start to remember the dreams that are trying to teach you something about your life.

You experience more synchronicities and déjà vu.

One of the spiritual awakening symptom is that you start experiencing a lot of “synchronicities” in your life.

You may experience more Déjà Vu’s and feel connected to spiritual and higher realms at this point in your existence.

You may see numbers more often as well, you know your spirit guides and guardian angels are around you.

You may find you are drawn to spiritual messages through music, writing, or books.

The spiritual awakening process can lead you down paths that let you express your awakening through different means of music, books, or art.

Mystical experience

You may notice that your thoughts and actions start to become more altruistic as time goes on.

You understand the nature of karma and just how important it is for you to live a life that benefits others, not just yourself.

Your sense of self becomes less important than your spirit and the well-being of those around you.

Having a mystical experience is another sign of spiritual awakening.

You may find that you don’t care as much about what others think of you or even how much money you have in your bank account.

You just want to live life the best way possible and inspire others to do the same.

Your relationships begin to shift

There is never any doubt that spiritual awakening is the most transformative experience in a person’s life.

Your loved ones may not be able to understand what you’re going through and that is okay.

It is possible your friends and family will feel like they no longer know who you are after this experience.

You may find yourself with some new friends and interests as well, don’t forget about the animals!

You may become more compassionate, sensitive, open-minded, and empathetic.

According to Dr. Jeffery Long, author of “Evidence of the Afterlife”, spiritual awakening will lead you to be more compassionate, empathetic, open-minded, and sensitive to things around you.

Your relationships with others begin to shift as well.

A spiritual awakening can cause you to lose interest in some things you once found enjoyable.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just part of the process.

You may also find yourself avoiding certain people or places that do not resonate with you any longer.

Here is a list of other common symptoms after awakening:

  • You don’t want to eat meat at all – you become a complete vegan.
  • Health defines you; you try to remain healthy and only adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Earth feels more sacred than before; her protection is all you want.
  • Water is life and you literally feel it – you don’t wastewater.
  • Due to the energy shift, your body requires more water, and you remain thirsty most of the time.
  • Alcohol and drugs don’t fascinate you.
  • You become extra sensitive; there are more sounds than before and more things to see.
  • Nature attracts you – you spend hours in nature.
  • You want to meet more of your kind of people – old companions don’t seem interesting.
  • Feelings of self-love lead to self-acceptance and self-esteem; you become a better version of yourself.
  • There’s a sense of discomfort and pain because old wounds come forward.
  • Old memories spark now and then.
  • Curiosity conquers your mind, and you want to know more about everything.
  • There is the extremity of moods as well; you feel angry, jealous, sad, ashamed, guilty, for no apparent reason.
  • You want personal growth in every possible way.

How to Rebuild Your Life After Awakening

If you have come through the awakening process, then the question is, how to rebuild your life after awakening?

The first thing you need to think about is that rebuilding your life after a spiritual awakening involves more than just thinking positive thoughts and talking about love.

In fact, it starts with letting go of all that you thought was true before your spiritual awakening.

You can’t compare two drastically different lives in many ways.

Your personality may have already changed.

In the same vein, your life will change too.

You’ve been given a moment of grace that can’t be taken back and you have to embrace it and learn from it or else what was once true for you will not be true anymore.

The second thing to think about is not getting caught up in this spiritual experience.

The spiritual awakening has changed you drastically, and it will change your life completely, but you need to remember that not everyone around you is going through this journey.

You are on a whole different level now, but the people in your life don’t necessarily see it yet.

While rebuilding your life, you need to be conscious of the spiritual journey you are still on.

And just because this experience has changed you doesn’t mean that others have changed in the same way.

You also need to think about what financial and physical situations you need to change while transitioning over the years.

The spiritual journey is not an easy journey.

You are going through major spiritual changes in your mind, body, and soul.

And you are also trying to rebuild your life physically as well as it exists these days.

It’s a difficult line to walk, but your spiritual awakening continues, and you can still work on both of these parts in your life.

Some have changed jobs and have taken the role of spiritual teacher while others have found new spiritual communities to surround themselves with.

Either way, the process is different for everyone and there are no true answers to how life will play out after your awakening.

Just remember that you want to keep this process in mind while rebuilding the life you had before your awakening took place.

You need time to process what you are feeling and realize what true freedom actually means.

You need time to walk through this journey one step at a time while trying not to make too many drastic changes that will affect the people around you who don’t understand exactly why you are changing.

If they can’t adapt, then you might find yourself alone on this spiritual journey.

That might not be true for everyone, but it is true for those who have been caught up in this awakening.

You need time to think about your new life and what you want from it.

You might not get the same type of respect or appreciation for sharing your true self with the world.

So instead, take time to process everything and allow your spiritual journey to continue while you rebuild your life in a different way than it was before.


This spiritual journey has given you the gift of true freedom while also presenting some major challenges in your life at the same time.

Life after a spiritual awakening is different than your life before, but you will see the true nature of yourself if you give yourself time to re-evaluate where you are and what you want for the future.

You might find yourself alone on this journey or among like-minded people who can help share the load with you.

Whatever happens, know that you can get through it and create your life over again in the new light of the present moment.