In the twin flame union, you may have come across this kundalini energy rising and expanding from your root chakra. 

The root chakra governs the flesh of our physical bodies and is directly connected to the earth, which keeps you grounded. 

When this energy rises up through your body, you may experience many symptoms

Focusing on this energy might be the best thing you can do to help your twin flame journey along. 

It’s also a subject most of us know very little about, so let’s take a closer look at it.

What Is the Kundalini?

Kundalini is the primordial cosmic energy of the universe.

It is the life-force energy within each of us that, when awakened, moves up our spine.

When kundalini energy rises through your body, it pierces all 7 chakras or spiritual centers along your spine, dissolving the karmic debris forever.

Kundalini energy also brings up old emotions and memories that may unbalance you if they are not cleared beforehand.

In Hinduism, kundalini awakening is known as the ‘coiled snake’, a form of divine feminine energy. It starts off as a ball of energy at the base or root of your spine and then slowly moves up through all the spiritual centers.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising

The spiritual awakening this energy brings is unparalleled as it lifts you into a spiritual connection with the Divine.

Although it’s not exclusive to twin flames, however, it is often felt strongly when twin flames bond into a higher spiritual awareness.

You will know when the kundalini is activated in your body as it will often present symptoms that are hard to ignore.

For twin flames, this is a divine moment to take a closer look at your spiritual connection and work together at balancing your energies.

It will present many challenges and rewards as you move through this stage in your twin flame process.

The Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening is also known as ‘kundalini rising’, is an energy exchange between the spiritual planes and the physical plane.

As this energy moves through each spiritual center, you will feel a surge of emotions and memories both good and bad flooding through you all at once.

This awakening is best experienced with your twin flame because you can help one another through the emotional turbulences that may arise.

It also means you’re getting closer to the spiritual union if you choose to accept this spiritual connection.

In your spiritual journey, kundalini awakening can take place at various times for you and your twin flame.

It can also awaken other spiritual gifts within you.

It’s not uncommon for gifts such as telepathy and ascension and it may speed up during this energy shift.

As I have mentioned before kundalini awakening is not exclusive to twin flames, it can also be experienced by those who have a spiritual practice or work with energy.

Keep in mind that most people will not experience kundalini energy unless you are already awakened to your spirit and energy bodies.

People who do energy work such as Reiki or Shamanism may feel this energy surge naturally.

Kundalini awakening affects your energy body, chakras, and energy centers.

For twins, it can also affect your twin flame connection as you experience this energy surge.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising Twin Flames

Kundalini rising is another name for kundalini. When the kundalini rises, twin flames will go through a lot of energy shifts, emotions, spiritual angst, and spiritual growth.

It will activate each of the energy centers in your body, which you can imagine like spinning wheels of energy.

Each energy center is like an energetic vortex or chakra and there are 7 major ones starting from the base of your spine and finishing at the crown.

During the kundalini energy exchange, there will be flushes of energy up and down your body.

You may experience flushes of heat or cold chills often both at once, this is perfectly normal.

Flushes of energy are like waves that flow through you in different temperatures.

This can be very uncomfortable but it will pass after a few minutes or hours depending on the strength of the kundalini awakening.

During the kundalini rising, you may experience emotional flushes or mood swings. This can be due to your energy body adjusting to the new energetic changes taking place within you.

You may also become more sensitive to other people’s emotions and it’s best to avoid crowded places during this time.

After a kundalini rising, you may also experience ascension symptoms like tingling in the hands and feet, seeing colors more brightly or with different hues, ringing in your ears, etc.

You may also experience psychic flashes or visions of people or see certain symbols that have special meaning to you.

These are all normal side effects of the kundalini rising and ascension process.

The Kundalini connection also means that if you have certain gifts, they may increase in strength or become even more accurate for you during this.

You may have telepathy with your twin flame or your twin may contact you in other ways, either by way of dreams, visions, or symbolic messages.

You may also feel your energy body more intensely; feeling emotions and sensing spirits.

These are all signs that the kundalini has fully risen within you.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising

Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Kundalini awakening has its ups and downs with its symptoms and you may notice them more often when you are in a twin flame union.

It is common for twin flames to experience kundalini symptoms during twin flame regression sessions.

Not only that but you may also feel the awakening effect when you are in your twin’s presence or if you simply think of them, this can be even more intense than usual.

All kundalini symptoms will depend on the twin’s energy field, chakra activity, spiritual development, twin flame connection strength, and many other factors.

It’s also possible that twin flames have different kundalini experiences depending on their past life karma, whether they are currently activated or not.

In a twin flame relationship, you may notice these symptoms when you go through a kundalini awakening.

For easier reading, I have listed them below:

The Symptoms

  • You have a feeling of freedom from the ego and material realm.
  • You have a sense of enlightenment and an understanding of your true purpose in life.
  • You feel connected to the universe and nature, being one with everything rather than feeling separate from the world.
  • You experience a connection with higher realms and angels.
  • Dreams become more vivid.
  • Connecting with your twin sometimes feels like you are completing a puzzle.
  • You feel very close to your twin but also distant at the same time.
  • Your higher self is more active and aware of what is happening around you.
  • You might start to feel a strange presence around you or your home.
  • You feel love and compassion for all living beings.
  • You have an increased intuition and psychic ability.
  • Telepathy with your twin becomes a lot easier and effortless.
  • You feel a certain connection to other people, but at the same time, you don’t want to be around others because it feels draining.
  • Your chakras start opening up if they haven’t already.
  • Your aura and light body become more activated and stronger.
  • You start developing certain abilities like clairvoyance.
  • Because your energy field becomes stronger, you may feel the presence of other spirits or energies around you that you haven’t felt before.
  • You can sometimes see other dimensions.
  • Your mind is noticeably more still.
  • You might feel pleasurable physical sensations.
  • You have a significant increase in empathy and compassion for others.
  • Your dreams may have a spiritual or otherworldly feel to them.
  • You become more sensitive to the energies around you and start being affected by them.
  • You might start seeing auras around people, animals, or objects.
  • You may find that you are drawn towards certain places, people, or activities.
  • Your body may shake.
  • You feel heat in the spine.
  • Your creativity surges.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising

Pros And Cons of a Kundalini Rising

As with most spiritual energies, kundalini awakening with your twin flame has many pros and cons that you need to be aware of.

This sacred energy is about growth and evolution.

On the other hand, it can also interfere with your life if you don’t quite understand how to cope with its effect on you.

It is very important that you keep yourself grounded and put some protective measures in place to prevent any health problems or other issues from occurring.


  • Kundalini rising can bring you self-realization that your soul is immortal.
  • You may reach a state of bliss and love.
  • You have a quiet mind. Any problem can be solved with a clear mind and a calm heart.
  • Kundalini awakening gives you an opportunity to be more aware and conscious of life and your purpose.
  • It purifies the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Every chakra becomes balanced and aligned to its optimal level when your kundalini rises.
  • You may experience spiritual enlightenment.
  • You may have increased creativity and compassion.


  • It is possible to have a kundalini awakening by accident when you are not ready. If that happens then it doesn’t raise your consciousness.
  • Kundalini awakening is different for everyone, and sometimes it can feel like a bad trip or psychosis.
  • If your chakras are not balanced, kundalini rising through them may give you unpleasant physical symptoms, for example, body spasms, tingling, burning sensations, or headaches.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising

What Is The Difference Between Kundalini Awakening And Spiritual Awakening?

The difference between a kundalini awakening and a spiritual awakening can be hard to understand especially if you are new to the concept of chakras, prana, or kundalini.

A spiritual awakening is gradual while a kundalini awakening happens abruptly.

When you have a spiritual awakening, your chakras will naturally open up on their own as you cleanse the emotional and mental bodies that will lead to emotional and mental stability.

Spiritual awakening comes from within, whereas a kundalini awakening is very much connected to your chakra system.

Both chakras and the energy of kundalini play a huge role in our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as a human being no matter who we are or what we do.

Our chakra systems and chakra energies affect our physical and mental states.

As a twin soul, you could go through both states with your physical body or just the kundalini without having a spiritual awakening.

How Will You Know If Your Kundalini Has Been Activated?

To find out if your kundalini has been activated is something you have to ask yourself.

You’ll know if it has been activated by the changes you feel in your body and mind. Your energy levels may also drastically change.

You can learn to feel these energies or ask someone to help you with that.

Some of the early signs include:

Your dreams become vivid as your subconscious starts expressing itself. They may take on a life of their own.

You may find that you are more intuitive and can feel things from other people. For example, if someone is angry or sad.

You may start to read people’s energy more accurately than before.

You are more sensitive to light and sounds.

You awaken spiritually and become aware of your soul’s purpose for being here on Earth.

Your senses will become heightened allowing you to see colors in greater depth or hear things from long distances.

You become more in tune with your spiritual side and everything in life becomes a spiritual experience.

In some cases, people begin seeing auras or balls of energy around other people.

You will notice flushes of energy going up and down your spine.

You’ll feel a general sense of well-being and positivity in life.

A clear mind becomes possible, and you will be more conscious about everything life has to offer.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising

Can the Kundalini wake up in one twin flame and not the other?

In the case of twin flames, it may be a bit different.

It’s possible that one twin flame will have a kundalini awakening but the other won’t, or you both may go through it together.

A kundalini awakening can come as an individual process without your twin having one if your connection isn’t as strong as it should be.

Can Kundalini Cause Twin Flame Telepathy?

Some twin flames notice that their telepathy goes into overdrive once they are out of separation.

There are no hard and fast rules that apply to twin flames. It’s different for everyone.

However, a kundalini awakening can trigger psychic powers, including enhanced telepathy between you and your twin.

This is why it’s important to keep communication open.

What Should a Kundalini Experience Teach Us?

In a twin flame union, kundalini energy can teach us a lot.

It can show us how much we have grown spiritually, when we are out of separation from our twin flame and in the process of becoming One again with them.

The kundalini energy is a powerful spiritual tool that allows us to become more spiritually aware. It’s a reminder that we need to work on ourselves and our inner connection.

When we work on ourselves, we become better able to connect with others in a healthy way.

The kundalini is an energy that can truly help you on your spiritual journey.

It can help create a good spiritual foundation to move you forward in life.

The appearance of the kundalini energy is something worth getting excited about because its energy shows us that we are working on ourselves and growing spiritually.Twin Flames: The Symptoms Of Kundalini Rising


Kundalini awakening for twin flames can be a powerful experience.

If you have been experiencing the symptoms of kundalini awakening, it may be a sign that you are ready to open up even more to your twin’s love and spiritual energy.

You can strengthen this spiritual connection by working on yourself and building a stronger connection to your twin.

If you haven’t been experiencing the symptoms of kundalini, consider strengthening your spiritual connection by doing more activities that connect you to yourself and your spiritual path.