Twin flames have one soul divided into two bodies. The twin flame theory seems like a fairy tale in which you find a prince or princess and then live happily ever after. In general, having a counterpart in your life that thoroughly knows you and understand you, looks quite appealing.

However, the truth is not always the same. Finding a twin flame and then recognising the connection occur once in a blue moon, and not every person is lucky enough.

Although, the twin flame theory suggests finding the one right person with whom you share your soul, but there’s another side of the story as well. There are numbers of myths related to twin flame theory that needs to be corrected.

Myth#1: Your Twin Flame is Exactly Like You

Truth: No, they are not. Being a mirror image means they are your opposite. According to science, if we see our real image in the mirror, it is inverted when the image distance is positive. So is the case in the twin flame relationship, they are like two sides of the Ying and Yang. If one is talkative, the other remains silent; if one is social, the other wants to stay home; if one is practical, the other is childish; and the list goes on.

Myth#2: Your Twin Flame Completes You

Truth: Only you can complete you; twin flame only works as a catalyst in completing your soul’s mission. They don’t complete you as completeness comes with perfection, but your relationship with a twin flame comes with imperfections. Your twin tells you what your lacking and helps you to improve so you can easily reach your higher self.

Myth#3: Everyone Has A Twin Flame In Their Lifetime

Truth: That’s not true, and very few people are lucky enough to have their twin incarnated at the same time at the same geographical location. Your twin may have selected to incarnate in other time, or in another world. A physical union is not the end goal always.

Myth#4: You Can Recognize Your Twin In A Glimpse

Truth: Even though you have found your twin flame, your soul may take time to recognise its counterpart. Every person has a different level of conscious development. Some souls are young while others are old. Younger souls find it hard to recognise the twin as compared to the older ones.

Myth#5: Twin Flame Relationships Bring Happy Endings And Smiles Only

Truth: No relationship on earth is free from flaws. Finding the person who fully understands you may seem like a perfect relationship, but lots of effort is needed to reach that point. Twins often start with karmic cleansing where there are intense episodes of fights and arguments. These problems could become so extreme that one twin might leave never to return.

Myth#6: Your Twin Will Come Back To You Always!

Truth: That’s not true. Your twin flame may never return because soulmate relationships are also quite satisfying and you can have more than one soulmate relationship in your life. Although, the connection remains for a period; your twin will sense you even from a distance. But, when there’s no door left to return, even the link will fade away.