When you meet your twin flame in this incarnation, magical things happen, you could not have wished for something better to come into your life just when you needed it, this divine connection elevates your soul, for the first time you have met someone who you can confide in at a soul level.

What else could you have asked for? Everything is bliss for you from now on; this is the magical love bubble phase.

Hold on; this isn’t your typical romance, oh no. This connection may reveal some negative aspects of yourself and your twin flame.

The initial phase may not be romantic at all, but you still feel attracted to this person.., you just can’t explain why you feel so much love for this person. You may fight and even struggle through this relationship, and the most difficult part of uniting with your twin flame is that accepting sometimes separation is necessary.

When you do separate from your twin flame, you may feel everything is gone from your life which leaves you drained.

If your twin flame is meant to be your perfect partner then why are there so many problems in the relationship, so much confusion and repeated separations?

Before you can know the reasons for these annoyances, the essential knowledge for you is that your twin flame is mirroring your curbed personality.

The twin flame connection is about meeting your own shadow self. Essentially they are here to reveal what you need to evolve in yourself.

This may not be a pleasant realisation to you. Having a problem you may perceive in your relationship may not lie in your twin flame but rather you, they are simply here for your spiritual growth.

There are a few things you may need to realise about meeting your twin flame:

  • Meeting your twin flame is a very rare opportunity to experience real true love, which you may not be prepared for.
  • True love is your opportunity to love another without any expectations.
  • The real purpose of the twin flame connection is for you to manifest unconditional love.
  • The first realisation when you meet your twin flame is that it’s not possible to love another human being unconditional, you first-half to learn to love yourself.
  • If your love comes from your ego, fear or you have a habit to control others then you will have major issues in your twin flame relationship.

Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self-has qualities you may find not acceptable, and they are suppressed from conscious awareness. The only way we can see these bad qualities of ourselves is through projection to another person.

Whenever you react with strong emotions to someone’s behaviour, chances are you have come across your shadow self. So whenever you respond to your twin flame with anger or fear, it will only complicate the relationship. You have been conditioned to blame another person than to look at yourself.

We as humans tend to idolise how our partner should be, and we want them to accommodate our fantasies and wishes, yet we never see them as a separate person.

Meeting your twin flame will challenge you to look deep within your soul, which is an opportunity to expand your consciousness.

The Reunion

For the Reunion to take place, it will require tremendous spiritual growth. So many of us are not ready spiritually, you may think that everything you have learnt throughout your life that you would be willing for your other half, only to realise that you are not.

Your inner energies need to be balanced, both the male and female energies within you. You need to clear yourself from past emotions and trauma which have resulted from the third-dimensional drama of this as well.

You need to become spiritually evolved and no longer require needy relationships out of dependency. You need your human ego to die and to surrender to the love of your higher self.

You need to progress to a stage where you don’t need a partner to become whole, because you’re already whole in yourself, grounded in the present moment and connected with the divine source.

Twin flames can only become whole in the fifth dimension, this can be achieved by having a high level of love in the body by loving yourself unconditionally, and when your frequency is high enough. When you have healed yourself and loved yourself all the way, only then you can reunite with your twin flame.