Twin flame kundalini telepathy between twin flames operates from the pathway used by kundalini energy.

The kundalini is like a road; it has a flow in both directions. It is the same energy that drives our spiritual selves and chakra systems.

The link between telepathy and awakening is long theorized and well documented.

Unlocking your telepathic powers through manipulation of your energy can help you to progress towards your most authentic self.

Kundalini Energy Coiled Within Twin Flames

Kundalini energy originates at the base of the spine in the Root chakra. It begins coiled up, but through awakening, it can stretch out and travel up through your chakra system.Twin Flame Kundalini Telepathy - Highway

This energy is a source of spiritual power within your body, contributing significantly to all areas of your life.

Awakening is often the trigger for developing mind-reading abilities.

As the kundalini energy uncoils within you and travels up through your subtle body, your chakras are unblocked and activated.

This process gains you access to new abilities and perspectives, including telepathy.

Twin Flame Heart Chakra Kundalini Activation

The most important part of awakening to unlock these abilities is the activation of the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the energy center that deals most directly with soul connections, of which the telepathic connection between twin flames is an example.

When a twin flame’s heart chakra is activated, the energy that courses through it helps to strengthen the telepathic bond to their twin flame.

How Kundalini Causes Twin Flame Telepathy

So how does the energy that flows through you allow you to communicate telepathically with your twin flame?

Thoughts, emotions, ideas, wisdom – all of these things and more are expressed in packets of energy, much like the vehicle on the road we previously mentioned.

When you “send” an emotion or thought over your telepathic connection, you are emitting emotional coded vibrations from your energy field, the one created by your kundalini.

Without this power running through you, telepathy would not be possible.

How To Achieve Twin Flame Telepathy With Kundalini Awakening

To help your kundalini uncoil and flow through your subtle body, you will need to address your flaws and old wounds, engage in regular meditation and maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

First, addressing your flaws and old wounds will help to lift negative energy from your system, clearing the way for positive energy to flow.

Try to identify your deep rooted issues and work through them.

Work like this is painful and time-consuming, but it is the best way to awaken your consciousness and connect with your higher self.

Regular meditation is also essential, as it allows you to connect with your higher self daily.

Make meditation a habit, and you will reap the rewards sooner rather than later.

Maintaining your health by looking after your mind, body, and soul will keep you free from negative energy and provide a bedrock for your energy.

Your energy system is very sensitive, so any health problems of any kind can throw you off.

Once you have unlocked your energy through awakening, you can start to look for the telepathy signs that tell you that you have completed this stage of your spiritual evolution.