The twin flame attraction signs we have listed here are the telltale signals of a blossoming attraction between you and your destined twin flame.

The attraction you experience with your mirror soul is the most intense you will ever experience.

It functions on every level – your twin flame is able to find and press every button you have and over time they certainly will.

You will recognize them intuitively, though before you meet them, you might run into some “imposters.”

Trust that when it happens, you really will know in your heart of hearts that it was meant to be.

Still, it’s helpful to have a checklist – if only for your own sanity!

If you can spot the following twin flame attraction signs, then you can be sure that you have met your twin flame:

1. You Feel Drawn To Each Other

Whenever you know where they are, you feel drawn towards that place.

You might not always follow that pull – after all, you hardly want to be following them around! – but you always feel the urge to be near them.

It’s like you are magnets attracting each other, so rest assured they feel the same way.

This magnetism is most potent when you are close to each other.

It is caused by your energies harmonizing, so when your auras can mingle the effect is something quite compelling.

2. Your Vibrations Rise

When with your twin flame, your vibrations begin to rise.

The harmony created by your intermingled energies helps to increase flow from Source into your chakra energy system.

Symptoms of rising vibrations are tingling, butterflies, shortness of breath, and high alertness.

It feels like you are suddenly supercharged with boundless energy.

As you spend more time together, this effect can become permanent.

It leads to many benefits for both of you, including increased spiritual awareness and metaphysical power.

Eventually, you will both raise your vibrations to a point where you can ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

3. The World Melts Away

When you lock eyes with them, the whole world outside of your little bubble just fades into the background.

Nothing outside of the two of you matters at that moment, no matter how important it all seemed shortly before.

It is what it feels like to look at your own destiny, a laser focus of the mind on the purpose of your existence here on Earth that blocks out all of the unnecessary stuff, for a moment at least.

4. Intense Mutual Chemistry

One of the most powerful twin flame attraction signs is the intense mutual chemistry that exists within this relationship.

You are on the same page when it comes to conversation, but more importantly, you have shared values and ideals.

When one of you is up for something, both of you are up for it, and this is very life-affirming.

As your relationship progresses, you will find that you are almost always in sync with each other in terms of your goals and ambitions and often line up on the right approach to take.

5. Intense Body Chemistry

Your shared chemistry also extends to shared physical or “body” chemistry.

In most relationships, people are on different pages when it comes to physicality and displays of affection, but you two are always in tune with each other’s physical needs.

It covers everything from a couple’s intimacy to simply holding hands and how “kissy” you are in private and in public.

In addition to this, you have no concept between you of “personal space.”

While it makes you uncomfortable to be too close to other people, that feeling never comes up with your twin flame.

6. Impressed On Your Thoughts

After meeting, you become impressed with each other’s minds.

Neither of you can stop thinking about the other – often to the point of obsession.

It’s not like infatuations that you might have experienced in the past.

It feels more like you are embarking on a journey, starting a new stage in your life that has far more to do with your purpose here on Earth.

You are constantly wondering what they are up to and if they are thinking about you as much as you are thinking about them.

You can rest assured that they are!

7. You Miss Them All The Time

When they are not around, you feel like something is missing.

To start with, you might not realize where the feeling is coming from, but soon enough, you will work out that you have a mirror soul shaped hole in your heart.

This feeling is the strongest right after meeting for the first time, caused by disturbances in your aura caused by this high energy event.

It serves to bring you together – this part of the relationship relies on you being in close contact, so your inner self drives you to be as close to them as possible.

8. You Have A Lot Of Eye Contact

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and twin flames say a lot to each other with their eyes.

At the meeting, you will lock eyes, and it is at this moment that you truly connect for the first time.

Eye contact will be intense and frequent, and it feels like it strips your soul bare to the other person. You may feel vulnerable, but in an amazing way.

You may also catch them looking at you when they think you aren’t looking – and vice versa!

It is a sure sign of attraction and evidence of the pull you exert on each other.

9. You Recognise Yourself In Them

Twin flames are often very similar not only in personality but also in looks.

You will notice a lot of yourself in their character, and you may even get comments indicating that you look kind of similar too.

In fact, throughout your relationship, you will actually become more like each other.

Some people’s eye color even changes to match their twin flame, though this is rare.