The Sirian starseed is an interplanetary lightworker who has incarnated on earth to help in the ascension process. Sirians are highly evolved beings of love, and they have a strong sense of spiritual connection with their soul family.

Sirians are also known for being highly intuitive, which makes them very good at understanding other people’s needs and desires.

Sirian starseeds usually have many talents that can be used both spiritually and professionally; this means that the Sirian will find success in many different professions during their lifetime!

Sirians have high knowledge of technological advancements in the universe, and they are often attracted to people who have a strong connection with technology.

Sirians also find themselves drawn to people in positions of high responsibility—Sirians are natural leaders!

Most Sirians come into this world as teachers or healers. Sirians do not enjoy being alone for long periods of time; Sirians are social beings who need to be around other people.

Sirian starseeds also have a strong sense of adventure! Sirians love exploring the unknown, and they often find themselves drawn to professions involving exploration or travel.

Who Are The Sirians

Sirians are a peaceful, loving, and innovative group of starseeds from the Sirian star system. They are known as the freedom and spiritual seekers of the universe.

Sirians are born with a strong sense of morality and love for all life forms, which is why they were chosen to be here on Earth. Sirian lightworkers have been on the planet since humans existed.

Sirians have an ancient ancestry, and they have been on Earth before. Sirians are here to create peace, love, unity among all beings in the universe and assist with the spiritual evolution of humanity through these lessons.

Sirian lightworkers use their creative abilities for artistry in the form of music, dance, painting, or other forms of creativity that help them heal the human energy field.

Sirians are natural healers and lightworkers, which is why they are here on Earth at this time when humanity needs healing more than ever before.

When Sirians are born, their first language spoken is telepathically with others.

Where Do Sirians Come From?

Sirians come from the stars Sirius A and B, but they are known to be in other parts of the universe as well.

For example, some Sirians originated in Lyra and the Pleiades, which is why they are connected energetically to starseeds in that region.

Sirians kept themselves under the radar with their technological know-how. So their origin still remains a mystery. Sirians have been on Earth for thousands of years, and they are aware that this is their final incarnation.

They have given guidance to many civilizations on earth including the Mayans, Incans, and Dogons.

The Dogons saw the Sirians as their guardians and teachers. Sirian starseeds are also called “the Tolo people” because of the association with Sirius, the Dogons’ own name for Sirius B was Po Tolo, which translates to tiny star.

It is said that Sirian starseeds possess an essence of wisdom, and this has been passed down for generations from their ancestors who came before them on Earth.

What Do The Sirian Starseeds Look Like?

Sirians are humanoid beings with blue skin and strong facial features. They have large blue eyes and big lips.

In addition to their blue skin coloring, Sirians have a ridge of spikes that runs down from the base of the skull to just behind their ears. The Sirian’s earlobes are large with many rings dangling from them.

Sirian women are usually tall and slender with long, flowing hair that is blue in color.

Sirians also wear a lot of jewelry on their wrists and ankles. Sirian female attire may consist of long dresses or skirts made from a sheer fabric that drapes down to the floor.

Heightwise they are tall and slender. Sirians are usually about six feet tall, and they weigh less than 200 pounds.

Sirians are also known as water-based beings and they enjoy the water. Sirian children are often seen playing in the water. Sirian people can hold their breath underwater for much longer than most human beings.

However, on Earth, they look like most human beings. The only way they can differentiate themselves is through their gifts and knowledge.

Sirian Starseed Traits

Sirian starseeds are known for their ability to attract success. Sirian starseeds are also known for their intuition and have a deep connection to their home.

They tend to be spiritually inclined or empaths who go through many changes throughout their lifetimes.

They have a strict regime of morals and values and are typically very intelligent.

Sirian starseeds know what they want in life as soon as they become aware of it, which usually starts early on for them.

They have an over-reliance on their intuition because they’re always looking to the future rather than enjoying the present moment.

They are also gifted when it comes to technology.

They are able to see the big picture and can be in many places at once. They like having a lot of projects on their plate which is why they find it easy to multitask.

Sirian starseeds have strong psychic abilities as well but don’t always know how to use them properly or sometimes think they’re not real.

Sirian starseeds have the following traits:

  • Sirian starseeds tend to be very spiritual and are always looking for the deeper meaning behind things.
  • They have a deep connection with their home planet and often feel homesick.
  • They’re able to see patterns in life that most people cannot, which often leads to people looking towards them for guidance.
  • Sirian starseeds have the ability to multitask.
  • They also tend to be very intelligent due to their strong intuition which allows them to make quick decisions.
  • Sirians have a vivid imagination.
  • Sirians are wary of people’s motives and intentions and don’t trust easily.
  • Sirians are observant and have a keen eye for detail
  • They take responsibility for themselves, others, the world at large.
  • They like to live a simple life and don’t like to overcomplicate things
  • They are sometimes loners or introverted.
  • Animal lovers, and are attracted to dogs, cats, whales, and dolphins.
  • They are loyal as friends and partners.
  • They are very honest and expect the same in return.
  • They are interested in Egypt and pyramids.
  • They don’t like confrontation or anger.
  • Sirians are always very focused on the task at hand.
  • Most often they find it hard to express their feelings.
  • They have a strong character or fighting spirit.

There are many more traits that may be unique to you as a Sirian starseed.

Sirian Energy

Sirians know how energy works. They are particularly attuned to the energies of their home planet and have learned how these vibrations can change over time.

In this way, they know about karma and reincarnation through a deep understanding of energy patterns that is difficult for people from other star systems or planets to comprehend.

They are also masters of technology and understand how it can be used for the good of all.

They know that technology and energy are important and Nikola Tesla understood this.

He was a Sirian starseed who helped to bring the power of electricity to all people by finding new ways for storing and distributing energy around the world.

Sirians know that life on Earth is precious because it’s one of many planets in our galaxy that can sustain life or has complex organisms.

Technology has helped them to preserve and protect life even in the face of great difficulties, such as extreme weather events or other natural disasters.

They also know that there are many things about life on Earth that we need to change for our survival now and into the future—things like unhealthy diet choices, overpopulation rates, and unsustainable use of natural resources.

Sirians are concerned about how we’re treating our world because they know that Earth is a living thing with life forms on it.

This is why many Sirians came to Earth from other galaxies and planets in order to help humans evolve spiritually—to teach us peace, love, and wisdom.

Their energy is highly specialized according to their skills, and they may not have time to use it on anything except what will help them contribute in this lifetime.

Sirians are often able to see through illusions that other people do not recognize or believe exist. They are able to see through the illusions of time and space, which are not as solid or absolute for them.

How Can Sirians Stay Grounded?

Sirians have many talents and they are very good at it, but how can they stay grounded on Earth? There are many obstacles they need to overcome to maintain peace and stability.

First, the Sirians have to find a way to deal with Earth’s duality of knowledge. They must be able to embrace both science and spirituality without feeling any guilt or shame for doing one more than the other.

This is due to their innate understanding that there are two paths in life science and spirituality.

Secondly, they must find a balance with their relationships. They are very expressive and love to share themselves deeply so it can be challenging for them when the other person is withdrawing or showing less of who they really are.

Sirians need partners that want to grow together spiritually. If this is not possible, then they should find another, more compatible partner.

Lastly, they need to be open and honest with themselves. They should not repress their emotions because that will only lead them down a path of self-destruction— they must learn from it and become stronger than before.

It is up to each individual as to how much time they want to spend in the Earth plane.

They can choose to walk this path for one lifetime or they could remain here for many more, but it is important that their family and friends are aware of who they really are so any judgments will not come into play.

Sirian Gifts

Sirian’s gift to humanity is to bring in the light, spirituality, and knowledge that will help our evolution. They are also hard workers who can bring in a sense of balance to any situation they encounter.

Sirian Starseed gifts include:


They are here to offer their services to humanity


They are compassionate and will do anything for another human being or animal.


Sirian’s have a deep sense of humility that all great leaders share but they never use it as power over others.

Unconditional love

Sirians give unconditional love regardless of who the person is, what they have done, or what the situation is.


Sirians do not give up easily and will love you unconditionally until you can learn to love yourself again.


Sirians are spiritual beings who know that there is a higher power in the Universe. They often pray for other people’s success.


Sirians are creative beings who can bring art into any situation.

And a few more that are just as important;

  • Intelligent
  • Loving (sometimes too much)
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Optimistic

Sirian Starseed Mission

The Sirian starseed mission on earth is to assist humans and other beings to ascend. They are part of a galactic community of beings who have traveled from the stars to assist with this transformation.

They are highly evolved spiritually and work through both their mental energies and physical action, facilitating change in other people by offering them assistance at different levels.

Sirians have a very high level of intuition and want to help others with their spiritual development, as well as perfecting themselves in the process.

They also want everyone on Earth to be able to ascend at some point in time.

Many Sirian starseeds are spiritually advanced or psychic and are able to read other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

They would like everyone on Earth to be at this level of consciousness as well because it will help them with the ascension process.

Sirians love nature more than anyone else in the universe! They want to protect our planet for future generations. Sirian starseeds are here to finish the work that they started many years ago.

They know that work here is not done, but they also know that it’s possible to make this world a better place for all life.

If they can bring everyone together and make them realize that we are all in this together, then they can help to create a better world for everyone.


The Sirians are here to help all of humanity embrace the light and make a conscious choice for our future.

They are here to remind us that we have forgotten how powerful, loving, and unconditionally connected we can be with one another if we only allow ourselves.