The Chariot is a powerful and determined Major Arcana card in the Tarot deck. When it appears in a love or relationship reading, it brings a surge of direction, control, and willpower regarding the situation or your feelings towards someone.

Upright, the Chariot reflects confidence, focus, and ambition to make the relationship work and overcome any obstacles. Reversed, it can suggest feelings of frustration, lack of control or direction, aggression, or wanting to dominate the relationship.

Let’s explore the spiritual meaning and messages of the Chariot in love, whether upright or reversed, and how you can apply these to strengthen your connections.

Upright Chariot in Love and Relationships

Determined to Make it Work

When the Chariot shows up upright in a relationship spread, it’s a positive sign you feel motivated and committed to making the partnership thrive. There’s strong intent fueling you to put in dedicated effort, sort through challenges, and steer the relationship where you want it to go.

You likely feel a vibrant sense of direction about this person or situation – like you know where you stand and what must be done to reach a mutually fulfilling destination. It may seem demanding, but you feel energized by the process and confident in your collaborative abilities.

“Two horses pull the Chariot, representing opposing forces working in unison towards a common goal – much like two partners aligning to maintain their relationship’s growth and success.”

In Control of Your Emotions

Upright Chariot energy also reflects emotional control and restraint regarding this bond. You have mature composure and don’t allow moodiness, anxiety over the future, jealousy, or other feelings to derail your interactions or intentions.

There’s a sense of command over your state of being. You can healthily communicate your needs while also listening, compromising, and keeping any drama or conflicts from escalating. This poised approach earns you (and your partner’s) respect.

Ambitious Vision

The Chariot appearing upright strongly suggests you have an ambitious, long-term vision for this relationship – one you’re actively striving to manifest. It may relate to taking things to the next level, like moving in together, getting engaged, starting a family, embarking on joint ventures, or forming a spiritual partnership.

You likely feel impatient to make this vision real. The Chariot gives you the drive and discipline to make decisive moves, have necessary conversations, and map out plans to implement your goals. Your partner will feel your motivation, and it can inspire them too.

Reversed Chariot in Love and Relationships

Losing Direction

The Chariot reversed can reflect losing your sense of direction regarding this relationship. Where once you felt certainty about the bond and its future, now you may question if it’s right for you or headed where you desire.

This confusion can spur frustration, moodiness, and even a tendency to try overly-controlling the situation or your partner’s actions. You may flip-flop between wanting to strengthen the foundation versus abandoning ship.

“The Reversed Chariot suggests difficulty finding balance and clarity. The forces pulling you feel oppositional versus cooperative.”

If resonating, understand these uncertainties are temporary. Look within to reconnect with your intuition and relationship needs.

Feeling Out of Control

You may feel this relationship is progressing without your input or consent when the Reversed Chariot arises. Changes happen that displease you. Miscommunications lead to arguments. Your partner doesn’t support your goals. External drama encroaches.

These dynamics can make you feel powerless, unseen, disrespected, or steamrolled. You may react by being domineering, manipulative, or checking out emotionally. Understand such control tactics only disconnect you further.

Restore balance by openly, calmly discussing issues and re-aligning on mutual priorities. Compromise where possible but stand firm in your self-care.

Inner Resistance

Insecurities and limiting beliefs often underline Reversed Chariot energy. You may unconsciously resist advancing the relationship due to feeling unworthy, fearing betrayal, lacking self-esteem, or believing you don’t deserve love.

Dig deep to uncover and compassionately examine such self-sabotaging patterns. Then cultivate more empowering perspectives about yourself and relationships through affirmations, therapy, or spiritual practices. In time, you can regain motivation.

Applying Chariot Energy to Love and Relationships

Harness Determination and Passion

Upright or reversed, the Chariot brings opportunity to harness determination and passion so this relationship can unfold to its highest potential.

Tap into the pure intent, emotional control, and ambition within you. Direct everything towards mutually uplifting purposes, not ego. Communicate openly. Compromise wisely. Nurture spiritual alignment. Your bond will strengthen.

Collaborate Towards Shared Goals

The Chariot reminds us relationships thrive when partners actively collaborate towards inspired visions for their future.

Brainstorm dreams together – perhaps related to adventures, creative ventures, healing journeys, or community service. Outline incremental steps to manifest these goals. Be willing to take the lead at times but also let your partner direct too.

Overcome Challenges Together

Every relationship faces trials which test its mettle. The Chariot brings confidence you have the inner resources as a couple to navigate difficulties and emerge stronger.

Rather than seeing conflicts as threats, view them as opportunities for self-discovery and forging deeper understanding. Manage clashes through open communication, not escalation. Support each other in personal growth. Hardships can fortify bonds amazingly well.

In Summary

The Chariot is a Tarot powerhouse in relationships, whether upright or reversed. Embrace its call to harness determination, emotional control, collaborative spirit, and willingness to grow through all circumstances. When this card arises in your love life, let it galvanize and inspire you to create an extraordinary connection!