A soulmate can give meaning to your existence. Independence and a maverick attitude towards life are well and good, but what’s truly beautiful is sharing your happiness with someone who accepts you with your flaws and imperfections.

Some subtle indications and signs point towards the arrival of a soul mate. These signs can give you hope.

Vivid Dreams

Romantic dreams are one of the most reliable signs of the imminence of a soul mate. Some people have vivid dreams of meeting their soulmates, even before meeting them in person.

However, dreams are a poorly understood processes of our subconscious. It’s quite easy to miss subtle details, including the exact facial features of your soul mate, after having them.

But one thing that sticks, after seeing such dreams, is an empowering feeling of happiness and jubilation.

If positivity persists in your behaviour for the coming days, you can use it to attract your soulmate as well. Optimism is like fuel for our intuition.

And when our intuition is strong, it always guides us towards the right things in our life.

Dedication to Personal Betterment

Always remember that the process of personal improvement starts and ends with you. External assistance is futile unless you fill yourself with the desire to ascend spiritually.

And as long as you don’t decide to face the disasters in your past, and the problems of today, you’ll never be ready to accept true love.

When you start paying attention to yourself and start feeling comfortable in your own skin, true love will come knocking on your door.

People, who exercise daily, adopt a healthy regime and meditate, develop this prescience of mind, which paves a path towards their soulmates.

Positive Vibes of Ubiquitous Love

When you see love and beauty in almost everything, including tiny insects and massive creatures, this means that your vibration has become receptive to love.

This feeling often envelops you, just before you meet your soul mate.

A burning desire for love might make you blush, whenever you spot public displays of affection among couples.

Also, you notice instantly when there’s chemistry between two lovers. Spending a lot of time binge-watching romantic movies on Netflix is also another sign true love awaits you.

A Defined Purpose

Many people don’t know what they want in life. Do they want financial stability or spiritual ascension? They live their whole lives in utter confusion.

But people who know what they want and who they want, know exactly what they’re looking for.

If you know what kind of person can bring happiness in your life, your mind automatically programs itself to target that kind of person.

Its’ only a matter of time before you meet your soulmate in the flesh after this happens.

Meeting your soulmate in a dream

Sometimes, a dream can arrange a meeting with us and our soulmate. Sometimes, these dreams are vivid, and sometimes they need to be preserved.

You’re bound to miss certain details in your dreams because as I already mentioned, some dreams are quite vague.

In order to preserve the events in your dreams, write them down. This way, when you meet your soulmates in real life, you’ll immediately recognize them.

A strong feeling of déjà vu will completely take over. A voice inside you will let you know that you’ve met this person before in another dimension. This instant recognition will align your souls.

Signs your soulmate is thinking of you

An abrupt wave of emotions

Our Soulmates have the power to tap into our subconscious and alter our moods. Sometimes, we feel happiness or grief, without rhyme or reason.

These emotions spring up out-of-the-blue and surprise us. I mean, we’re having a great day, our life is just swell, and suddenly were struck by the blues.

What? Telepathy aligns the consciousness of two soul mates. That is why some lovers feel depressed at the exact same time.

Their vibrations are so in sync that they feel like a single unit. So, if your soul mate is thinking of you with a wave of melancholy in his or her heart, the feeling is going to transfer to you.

Forgetfulness and loss of concentration

Do you lose focus quite easily? Does a misplaced thought mentally intrude you and transport you to a whole other world? Your soulmate might be responsible for that.

Our soulmates tap into our subconscious, when they’re thinking about us, and steal our concentration in an instant.

We’re so deeply connected to their souls that we make it easy for them to enter into our minds.

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