Achieving a moment of clarity requires a profound understanding of our emotions. Positive vibes are only experienced when we align ourselves with the values of truth and honesty.

Everyone has empathy, but not everyone knows how to spread and express it. Once we learn how to disseminate love, we start our journey to a higher vibration.

At this exalted state, we are free of self-ego and hatred. The more we dive into our spiritual realms, the better are our chances of evolving into compassionate human beings.

People who weather storms by taking assistance from drugs and other materialistic things hinder their progression towards spiritual illumination because they refuse to comprehend their deteriorating states.

On the other hand, the people who fight their demons and attain self-acceptance experience a rapid rise in vibration.

Our main purpose in life is to add something positive to this world. We’re not here to take the positive energy of the universal source.

People who vibrate at higher energy influence people by their mere presence. They have the power to enlighten or dispirit others, depending upon their intentions.

A spiritually enlightened being always takes the side of forces of good and helps others in need. The broken-hearted and the lost still take solace in their company.

Higher vibrational beings act as a conduit for providing spiritual energy to multiple sources.

A higher vibrational being not only sends positive thoughts but also receives them. Low vibrational people often fall prey to negativity, because their frequencies are attuned to such things.

Their counterparts, however, always absorb the positive energies around them, and attract the right people and careers that pave the path for future bliss.

Depression, anxiety, insecurities are things they’ve encountered and subdued. That is why these malevolent powers no longer have the same effect on them.

They relentlessly strive to make the life of others around them meaningful, because they know that they can’t let anything come in the way of their destiny.

The power to perceive others’ feelings intensifies. Higher vibrational energies open up our heart chakra and increase our ability to sense pain from within ourselves and our surroundings.

People having a high vibration have gone through subduing harrowing circumstances in their lives, and that is why they can easily relate to the emotional setbacks of others.

Their past imbued them with empathy, and now they’re using it to understand the agony of others.

Higher vibrational beings often seclude themselves from family friends and old acquaintances.

A sudden acquisition of a higher consciousness leads them away from people who are drawn towards a materialistic world.

As we start to evolve spiritually, we begin to see the reality of things. We start to detest relationships that only serve to hinder our spiritual growth.

We embark upon a  journey of self-preservation and acceptance to further our cause.

These are the signs you have a high vibration and if you’re experiencing them, get ready to experience an abrupt change in your lifestyle and demeanour.