A spiritual attack is always loud and gloomy. It comes to destroy you and your beliefs. Knowing when you are under spiritual attack could help you to defend yourself. Here are ten signs that show you are under spiritual attack:

Feelings of Worthlessness

You don’t feel worthy; you feel that you are useless and there’s no reason of your incarnation. Your body appears to be hollow from inside. Even the successes of life seem like a failure. The hope you gain doesn’t remain with you.

Family Conflicts

There are unknown and unexpected reasons to fight. The harmony in the family seems to fade away with time. Even though you all were sitting and eating together yesterday, but today you are fighting.

Marital Issues

The love between the spouses doesn’t remain the same. Some fights only keep them apart.

Team Divergence

Not only your spouse and family, but it also seems like the whole world is standing against you. There are unwanted conflicts over minor issues that you never fall into.

Need of Isolation

As nothing is turning out right, you want to take refuge in isolation. Even you are a very social person, but now you want to remain alone. You don’t mingle with family and friends and keep your distance. There are doubts in your mind that they don’t understand you and will never do; although they are the same people with same thoughts, you are the one who is under spiritual attack.

Blurred Focus

Things that seem bright and beautiful, now they blur. You are unable to see reality. You cannot maintain your focus on anything, and your mind floats away when you work with negative thoughts.


All your beliefs don’t sound familiar anymore. You become confused about what is right and what is wrong. Things that right before seemed wrong and vice versa. You don’t know what is happening and how it happens and it’s baffling for you.

Unknown Resistance

The chaos in your mind is hardly letting you sleep. You want to know what is happening and how everything has changed but something is stopping you from knowing more. There’s an unknown sharp backward push whenever you try to move forward. You are facing resistance that you can’t control.

Negativity Everywhere

Formerly, you were a very active person, and people like to be with you, but now you are becoming negative. You have fear, and you are confused. You fight and argue. You are not the same person, and you wear the veil of negativity now. You are a good human as well; however, now you are turning into a bad guy.

Changes All Over

There are changes in every field of life mostly. Your health doesn’t remain same, and you feel tired and lethargic most of the time. Finance changes as well even though you are earning the same amount of money but it doesn’t fulfil your expenses the way it did before. Relationships problems are also there and come with long and unexpected fights.