The symbolism of cats has a long history and stretches across every continent on the globe.

We’ve all heard that a black cat can bring you luck – good or bad – when they cross your path, but what about white cats?

Do white cats also bring you luck when they cross your path?

Let’s take a look at the symbolism of the white cat and precisely what a white cat crossing your path does actually mean.

White Cat Symbolism in Europe vs USA

It is a curious fact that a black cat crossing your path in the US is supposed to bring you bad luck, but across the pond, in Europe, it is supposed to bring you good luck.Meaning Of A White Cat Crossing Your Path

This likely goes back to the era of witch trials in the US, where black cats were often thought to be witches in disguise. This symbolism was never as widespread in Europe.

What is more curious is that white cats are in on the act, too.

A white cat crossing your path in the US is supposed to bring you good luck, whereas in Europe it would bring you bad luck.

White Cats Bring Fortune

Another symbolism of the white cat is wealth and fortune.

In Russia, for instance, a white cat crossing your path might mean that you will win some money on the lottery or perhaps even get a raise.

On the other hand, if the cat is scared by you or otherwise reacts badly to your presence, it might mean that you are about to suffer financial hardship.

White cats have also been used in some Asian countries as symbols of good fortune for newlyweds.

It is thought that receiving a white cat as a pet will bring fortune and wealth to the new couple, as long as they look after the cat.

White Cats As Spirit Guides

Many of the spiritually awakened have reported their guide has appeared to them in the form of a white cat.

It is no surprise that the guides would choose white, as it is the colour of light and purity.

Cats have also long symbolised divinity and gods, which stretches back to ancient Egypt. Combined, it seems only natural that spirit guides may manifest in the form of a white cat.

So when it crosses your path, perhaps it is trying to deliver a message to you.

If you listen to your intuition and take the message seriously, there might be an opportunity for spiritual or emotional growth hiding just around the corner.

Symbolic meanings of white cats vary across the world – but they all have one thing in common.

According to every myth, legend, folktale and wise woman’s whisper, you should never, ever mistreat a white cat (or any cat, or animal for that matter) :).

So the next time a white cat crosses your path, consider the various meanings that we have discussed and, using intuition, discover what the definition means for you in this situation.

Whatever you do, though – even if it tells you of bad fortune – don’t take it out on the cat!