Karmic relationships burn hot. They are the life-changing relationships that are not meant to last forever. No matter how hard you try, these relationships don’t work out.

They come into your life to teach valuable lessons that we were unable to learn in the past life. These relationships often leave a person devastated.

Karmic relationship healing:

The karmic relationship is a cycle and to heal it, you need to break it and grow spiritually. Leaving the bond on the physical, psychological, and energetic level is essential for the person who wants to move on.

The first step of karmic relationship healing is ending the relationship.

As karmic relationships are there to provide important life lesson thus, to get fully healed, look within the bond to know what you have learned.

It would not only make your next relationship better but also produce a positive impact on your whole personality if you completely capture the message.

It is necessary to take a break after ending this relationship. The alone time would heal you.

But, if you rush into another affiliation right away, then there’s indeed a chance that you will repeat the same mistakes of the karmic relationship and gain nothing.

Why is Resolving Karmic Relationships Important?

Karmic relationships don’t let you have peace until they are completely resolved. The best thing you can do from your side is to be open.

Approach your partner and tell them that things aren’t working out at your end.

You are having problems. If things turn out positive, then it’s good news for you, but if they don’t, then it’s better to move on. In a karmic relationship mostly, your partner is unable to see the problem at all.

Forgiveness is the Key for Ending karmic relationships:

But, how to move on! You have already lived a relationship and faced its hardships, and now it becomes important that you should also learn from your mistakes.

Don’t be angry and don’t blame the other to break the cycle. If you don’t do that, you will enter a new karmic cycle, and you have to go through all the pain all over again to learn the lesson of how to let go.

You need to know how to forgive to restore balance in your life. Forgiveness will help you to heal from within. It will make you evolve spiritually. It frees you from karmic debts and heals your every wound.

Along with forgiveness, some energy work is also required to close the karmic bond completely.

Cut the cord so that you can break all the ties between you and that person. When you cut the cord and learn your lesson, you break free from this karmic relationship for eternity.

Can Karmic Relationships Be Soulmates?

The answer is No! Both types of relationships come in your life to teach you valuable life lessons that lead to the evolution of the soul, but both are different.

You have shared your past life with both of them but you need to break the cycle with the karmic relationship and your soulmate could move on with you in another life.

How the lesson is presented and how it is learned – these two things mark a fine line between both types of relationships. Karmic relationship teaches the lessons of the world; it makes you learn about others.

While soulmates help you to find your self-worth; it lets you know your inner self.

In soulmate relationships, you feel good. Even when there are problems, you know that things will work out.

But in karmic relationships, you always get a feeling that something is not right and you need to move on.