Do you feel a strong sense of familiarity when you meet someone? Like you know this person from a different time? It will dumbfound you, but it will also pull you closer towards them, because of a strong sense of curiosity bubbling inside your mind.

You’ll feel an incredible longing for something you never even wished for. You’ll feel a divine connection with this person. You’ll feel as if you know a lot about them already without even talking to them.

If this person transforms into a lover, it will impact your relationship with a tempting intensity. You’ll feel a crushing feeling inside your bones, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before because of this unprecedented connection you share with them.

Unfortunately, these are signs of a karmic relationship, and it’s almost never good for you. You tend to endure situations that are actually destroying your self-esteem and holding you back from realising your self-worth.

If you’re used to the self-hatred inside of you, you’ll feel like there’s nothing wrong even if other people make you feel that way.

You’re bound to your familiar old patterns because you willingly wish to be subsumed by acute loneliness and despair than being plunged into the unknown.

If you’re in a relationship that is under the curse of karma, you need to uplift this curse to open your eyes to the reality. If you don’t, you’re going to surround yourself with negativity and old patterns of limiting behaviour.

You don’t even realise it, but you’re subconsciously repeating these patterns and putting your future at risk.

Distinguishing between Love and karma

Distinguishing between loving and karmic relationships is easy. Love is supposed to reassure and calm you, whereas karmic relationships fill your life with negativity and destruction.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who deliberately takes you for granted, mistreats you, and takes advantage of your love, you’re under the haunting hypnosis of karma.

You’re well aware of your situation but you still to choose to stay with someone for inexplicable reasons. You might have insane physical intimacy with them, and that might fool you into thinking that this relationship is worth saving, but it’s not.

It’s just a ploy of Karma to skew you towards further disaster.

Stage of acceptance

If you want to break free from the bewitching spell of Karma, you have first to accept that you are indeed trapped in a karmic relationship.

Once you understand that your union with your lover is ill-fated, you can proceed to remedy your condition.

You’re the captain of your destiny

You have to take matters into your own hands, and realise that you make your own destiny, and you shape your own path. Otherwise, you’re going to leave things as they are, and never going to do something about your debilitating situation.

Seek Help and speak out

To get rid of the familiar old patterns, you need to evolve and grow spiritually. However, that isn’t always a piece of cake. At the time, it might seem impossible.

That’s why you need to reach out for help and talk to someone. Let someone share your burdens and help you get out of this trench of karma.

Learn from your mistakes

Finally, when you’ve made the hard decision of fighting your karma, you need to stay strong. You have to tell yourself with conviction that you’re never going to let anyone destroy your happiness and alleviate your self-esteem.