For those who suspect – or know – that they are incarnated Starseeds on this planet, there is a necessary step that they need to take.

Starseed Awakening Meditation.

This allows the Starseed soul to activate and become privy to their mission on this planet.

Once they complete this awakening (or activation), they can embark on their mission of healing and the pushing of humanity towards the light.

So if you need to perform this meditation, what follows is a short guide on how you can do that.

Step 1

In your place of meditation, take a seat and shut your eyes.

You are going to take three deep breaths.

With each intake of breath, you take light in through your crown chakra (located on the crown of the head) and absorb it into your body.

With each release of breath, you push negative energies down through the root chakra (at the base of the spine) and into the Earth.

Step 2

Next, you will open your left hand and rest it palm up on your left thigh.

Lay your right hand just below the navel with your thumb brushing the bottom of your belly button.

If at any point from here onwards you begin to feel any negative energies seeping in, perform the Step 1 again to banish them before returning to the step you have reached.

Step 3

Call upon your spirit guides to activate your energies.

With each inhalation, the energy will enter your body through your left palm, and with every exhalation that energy will transfer through your arms and shoulders to your right hand, where it will enter the energy centre it is rested on.

This will take a few minutes, so continue until you feel that you have reached peak intensity in your energy centre.

Step 4

This next step is a very delicate one.

Slowly move your right hand up about a palms width so that your pinky finger rests just above your belly button and your thumb rests at the bottom of your ribs on your diaphragm.

Call upon your spirit guides to activate this energy centre, using the same technique as Step 3. This might take a little longer, but the sensation is similar.

Step 5

The final step is to move your right hand, so that it rests palm up on your right thigh, mirroring your left hand.

Ask your spirit guides to settle your energies and confirm activation.

If you have been successful, you will feel the energies seep upwards from the activated energy centres and through your spine.

Once you can no longer feel these energies, they have settled, and you may exit meditation.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.