Many people have an onset of crystalline body symptoms when their carbon-based body starts to disintegrate.

These symptoms include exhaustion, ambivalence, depression etc.

In such a state, you feel confused and lost because you’re unable to identify the source of your destructive behaviour.

You also feel trapped in existentialism, gradually losing interest in relationships, careers and family ties.

Don’t worry! All of this heralds the sign of something beautiful, something grand.

Spiritual illumination awaits you at the end of the tunnel.

Humans have Junk DNA which gets activated when they undergo a life-altering spiritual shift.

The activation of the pineal gland ensues this shift.

The pineal gland has been considered as the groundswell of knowledge since ancient times.

All of these changes are propelling us to a new dawn in our lives.

They are leading us to perpetual light and oneness.

Symptoms of Crystalline Body Symptoms


Experiencing bouts of depression for no apparent reasons is the most typical crystalline body symptom.

The crystalline body is a refined version of our carbon-based body.

It is reshaped and purged off dark and sinister energies, such as traumatic experiences and self-hatred to give it a crystalline appearance.

This entire process takes a toll on some people.

They are misled into thinking that things are never going to get better.

What exacerbates their situation is that, as their vibration rises, they are no longer able to relate to the outside world.


Old patterns and beliefs slowly start to fade away.

The process of disillusionment gradually replaces obsolete belief systems with the truth.

The thoughts inside your head start to seem more real than the physical reality of the material world.

In silence, you begin to question everything from the meaning of your existence to your purpose in life.

No longer do you believe in the lies fed to you by the masses.

You muster up the courage to break-free from karmic relationships.

Moreover, you learn how to endure complete and utter loneliness.

As the process of ascension is a personal journey, most of the challenges are overcome through sheer will rather than external assistance.


An urge to revel in the company of nature takes over you.

During this process, the person constantly thinks about leaving behind his old life and starting anew.

Connecting with nature liberates us. The wilderness calls for us.

As the crystalline body symptoms are physically and spiritually exerting, you often give-in yourself to nature because you are aware of its healing properties.

In the movie “Into the Wild” the protagonist disconnects himself from the material world and answers to the call of Mother Nature because the universal source is spiritually illuminating him.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the carbon-based body requires a lot of external and internal pressure to transform into the crystalline body.

That is why most of the crystalline body symptoms are spiritually overwhelming.

If you’re exhibiting crystalline body symptoms, fasten your seat-belt for a future of spirituality.