The right way to start performing tarot readings is on yourself.

You are the best judge if it is right or not.

At some point, you will want to graduate to performing readings for others.

It is a big step in your tarot reading journey and should be taken seriously and pure without bias.

Luckily, the skills and techniques you have already developed for your self-readings are transferable to performing tarot card readings for others.

Here’s How You Do It:

1. Pick A Suitable “Client”

The first people you do tarot card reading for should not be a paying client, but in fact a friend or family member.

However, thinking of them as a “client” is very helpful for your preparation.

The person you choose should want to be there, so no cajoling an unwilling “volunteer”.

You should also be comfortable around them and enjoy being in their presence.

2. Pick A Suitable Spot

Location is essential.

You need to choose a place that you feel very comfortable and spiritual in, though it should not be so specifically yours that the person you are reading for is uncomfortable.

Lighting candles can be a great way to tune the ambience of your space to the right vibrations.

3. Involve Them In The Shuffling Process

You should already be aware of the shuffling process and have developed your unique way of mixing up the cards.

When practising on your own, this shuffle is entirely yours.

However, when reading for someone else you need to be sure that their energy is absorbed into the shuffle.

You do this by handing the cards off to them, having them cut the deck or having them re-order the deck after they cut it.

4. Engage As You Deal

Before dealing the cards, you might ask them questions about their concerns and their reasons for wanting a tarot reading.

Talking about this can help to build a joint understanding through which the power of the tarot cards can present.

But as you deal, you should be reading them.

That’s right – don’t read the cards straight away, pay attention to how the person you are reading for reacts to each card.

5. Perform The Reading

And now the crux of the session – the reading of the cards.

If you don’t know how to read tarot cards, you should begin by reading our article on how to read tarot cards for beginners.

Follow the standard reading process.

The difference here is that – rather than this being a solo endeavour – this is a shared journey.

Talk about the intuitions you have as you read the cards, suggest ideas as they arise and encourage the person you are reading for to do the same.

6. Reflect On The Experience

To improve, you should follow up after your reading. Consider how the reading went, how the person felt and what you feel could improve.

The only way to develop your skills as a tarot card reader is to read tarot cards regularly – and to learn the lessons from each one.

It is standard to only practice on people we know when we start.

It does take about 10 to 20 readings to be able to read a stranger with accuracy.

The experience is far more valuable for your development when you can follow up and get feedback.

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