If you are feeling lost after your spiritual awakening, then don’t worry, because you are not alone.

Every person who gets blessed by attaining this higher form has to suffer the same consequences. We are humans who have a good memory.

We can remember things that we have learned them in our childhood. After being spiritually awake, it is not easy to separate your past from the present.

The process of spiritual awakening comes with lots of pain. You need to shed off layer after layer of your old beliefs which leads to the ultimate fight within you that you have never witnessed before.

Your ego tells you that if you leave your past, you will get nothing in the future; while your mind and heart assure you that you will not regret your decision.

When you are spiritually awakened, you lose your identity and the world as you know it. It is same as being born from your mother’s womb again.

You have no trace of where to go and how to complete the journey because there is so much going on in your mind.

It is very likely that you will disconnect entirely with the world until you are completely stable. That means you have to fight the world as well as yourself.

You are not blind anymore – you are not hiding in your comfort zone. You have popped the bubble of cosiness, and you came out to see the reality of the world.

You can clearly see what is going on around you and it is hard for you to accept your negligence. Being spiritual awaken means you know your real purpose in life, and you need to become an excellent example for everyone around.

But you also know that your past is full of mistakes that no one can compensate. You have done lots of things that you shouldn’t have. You feel lost because you don’t know how to amend them.

Things that you used to love don’t mean anything to you anymore. You are not materialistic any longer. You find peace in places that you have never been.

Your friends don’t look the same now. You crave for better company. You like being alone, although you were a social person.

Even your job doesn’t feel okay, and you want to do a lot for the betterment of society. You feel confused because you don’t know where to start.

You will feel lost, you might feel crazy, but remember that things will improve over time. You have achieved the best thing in your life, and you will know it after a while.

If you want to overcome this insanity, then flow with the flow. You need to surrender and stop fighting. The sooner you accept your new cravings and choices, without thinking about your previous identity, the better your days will become.

Don’t worry about the people around you. The person who is faithful to you will remain by your side no matter what. For those who don’t understand your situation, it is better to leave them for your new life.