Before our twin flame enters our life, we meet our false twin flame.

The purpose of our false twin flame is to do the final preparations before we are ready to meet our true twin flame. Mostly, it’s a dry run for the real thing.

But the false twin flame relationship can only end when we realise that it is false.

So we thought we would do a rundown of the main differences between a true twin flame and a false one – and how you can tell them apart.

They Feel Like Your Twin Flame

All the signs are there. You have read articles on this site on how to know your twin flame, and they meet every criteria.

They seem like the real deal.

In the beginning, your false twin flame will be indistinguishable from your true twin flame. But deep down, there is a nagging doubt that won’t go away.

They Live In The Past

You find yourselves talking about the past a lot, often making a deep emotional connection through shared experiences.

Your false twin flame often helps you to heal those old wounds in preparation for your true twin flame.

Your true twin flame will help you to focus on where are you going, not where you have been.

False Twins Heal, True Twins Grow

Related to that, your false twin flame relationship will deal much more with healing your emotional and spiritual wounds, whereas your true twin flame relationship will be far more focused on growing and thriving.

A false twin helps you to accept who you are. A true twin helps you to be the best you can be.

You Are More Into It Than Them

One quirk of the false twin flame relationship is that it is remarkably one-sided.

For you, it will feel like a twin flame relationship, like the coming together of spiritual powers in the universe geared towards destiny and ascension.

For your false twin, it is just another relationship.

But with your true twin, you are both experiencing the twin flame relationship in all its glory and heartache.

Something Feels Uncertain About It

Lastly, you’re starting to realise that you aren’t so sure that this is your true twin flame.

This happens when your spirit guides decide that your preparation is done. They know that you are ready for your true twin flame, to embark on the true journey you are meant for.

They speak to you through your intuition. You feel it in your gut that this isn’t the real deal, that you have a false twin flame.

And Then It Ends…

Giving up your false twin flame relationship might be difficult. After all, it was close enough to the true twin flame relationship, wasn’t it?

With hindsight, you will see that although your false twin and true twin are eerily similar, there just wasn’t that little piece of the puzzle that completed it.

They will move on – a little too quickly for your liking – and you will embark on your true twin flame journey.

And all you need to do is gain enough perspective that you see your false twin flame relationship for what it truly is.