Do you have recurrent dreams of meeting someone? Well, you’re not alone, because I’ve had them for as long as I know.

Dreams are projections of our subconscious. Whatever we hoard in this mental reserve, it can manifest itself as a nightmarish or an exhilarating dream.

What makes dreams abstruse is their vagueness. Their obscurity often masks their meaning and leads us astray into uncharted territories.

When we are unable to find their true meaning, we lose hope, and just disregard them.

That is, however, a wrong approach; because they have significant messages for us, that can help us navigate our future, and unleash the real powers of your intuition.

Self-belief and conviction are what helps us access our intuition, and in turn mobilises us to interpret our dreams accurately.

“Dreaming about meeting someone” can have varied meanings. We’ve discussed them below

Soul mate-dreams

We often visualise our soul-mates in our dreams, without even knowing it. In life, we often find ourselves stuck in undesirable circumstances.

We lead lives that strip us of our will to live. We have ambitions that are purely superficial. They restrict our spiritual growth.

In times like these, our soul mates appear as our spiritual guides and guide us towards a spiritual haven― a divine place which heals our soul.

They catalyse our progression towards spiritual illumination. They also steer us towards themselves, because they are our chance at eternal bliss and love.

They give us valuable messages in these clandestine meetings that potentially save us from our debilitating lives. All we have to do is to listen to their exhortations loud and clear.

Otherwise, their dreamy manifestations are merely slipped under the rug, and relevant messages are lost in the fabric of time

Dreaming about family members

Sometimes, our family members or loved ones appear in our dreams, because they have been thinking about us on a constant basis.

It might be because we have a conflict with them that needs immediate resolution. Whenever we’re in a fight with our family members, they often think about us because they’re analysing the whole dissenting situation in detail.

They can lock into our subconscious with persistent thinking. We can, in turn, do the same. Sometimes, on the off chance, when our loved ones are incredibly close to us, they can also manifest themselves in our dreams.

When you truly love someone, you always think about them, and when you do that, you subconsciously teleport yourself in their subconscious.

In this scenario, you might have loving, romantic dreams that bring you closer to them.

You might wake up, feeling intensely lovesick, unaware that they’re the reason behind your current state.

They might also warn us about imminent dangers.

This feeling of premonition should never be shunned because it can play a pivotal role in defusing risky situations in the not-so-distant future.

So If you’ve been dreaming about meeting someone, don’t just disregard it. Someone is trying to reach out to you, and you should listen openly to what they have to say.

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