Does my twin flame feel what I feel? The twin flame relationship is the closest and most transcendent relationship we will enter in to in our lifetimes.

The nature of the twin flame relationship means that it is incredibly important to us spiritually.

For those in the twin flame relationship, everything they thought they knew about love changes instantly.

All of this is tied up in the most integral spiritual connection in existence.

The silver cord.

So when we ask, “Does my twin flame feel what I feel”, what we are asking is how powerful the silver cord is.

The Silver Cord

If all you’re after is a short answer then here it goes:

Yes, your twin flame feels what you feel.

But the real answer is a little more complicated than that.

So let’s talk about the silver cord for a moment in an effort to make it clearer.

The silver cord is the name for the spiritual connection that exists between twin flames.

It is named this because of its silver colour, manifested on the spiritual plane.

It is made up of pure energetic light.

Importantly, it carries in it imprints of our energies.

This silver cord can be used to share thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings.

When we feel strongly – no matter the emotion – the energy signature of that feeling travels along the silver cord and is communicated to our twin flame.

This is what allows such close intimacy between twin flames.

When this process works, our twin flame does feel what we feel.

They feel it as external, as a feeling come from outside of their self.

But they certainly feel it – empathy between twin flames is often stratospheric in comparison to regular old empathy.

But there is another angle on this question.

You might really be asking, “Does my twin flame feel how I feel.”


Unfortunately, the answer to this is almost certainly no if we have to ask the question.

But don’t panic. There is a big misconception about the twin flame relationship that both twin flames are always in agreement or always react the same way.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As mirror expressions of the same soul, twin flames often react in opposition to each other to the same stimuli.

Although our goals and values and core being are almost always identical, the way we react to the world is different.

It is from this difference that the karmic lessons innate in the twin flame relationship are manifested.

So perhaps your twin flame does not feel how you feel, but they know how you feel.

They certainly know that.

The key is communication. Speak what has been left unspoken, say what needs to be said.

The universal masculine requires a little encouragement to open up sometimes.

But the universal feminine sometimes needs to open up too, by moving the conversation out from the internal to the external.