You can tell a lot by looking at your aura. The dominant colour of your aura can tell you all about your chakra energies, the issues you face metaphysically and, of course, plays a significant role in your personality.

This time around, we’re going to be looking at the dark blue aura and what it means for the person it belongs to.

But in order to talk about the dark blue aura, we have to start with the blue aura group.Dark Blue Aura

Blue Aura Group

The blue aura group encompasses a range of different shades of blue aura.

These aura all differ in key ways from each other, but they all share a common core:

Blue auras belong to the sensitive, thoughtful and peaceful souls in our world.

We can see this as the Yin to the red aura group’s Yang. Red auras belong to the passionate, aggressive and impulsive souls.

It is vital that the world has both types of people, as they both play an important role.

Throat Chakra

Blue is the colour that represents the throat chakra, which holds domain over your voice and therefore your self-expression.

People with blue auras tend to value honesty and like to solve disputes and debate issues using words rather than action.

The Dark Blue Aura

A person whose blue aura has darkened might be experiencing one of two things:

In most cases, this is a muddying or darkening of the aura that speaks of ongoing spiritual problems. They might be letting fear and anxiety get the better of them.

Darkening of this type is often the result of a blocked throat chakra, which can make a person unable to express themselves fully and honestly, as well as cause some physical problems related to thyroid issues.

If that doesn’t ring a bell, then it might well be that the blue aura is darkening in another way – by adding a dash of indigo to the mix.

Deep Blue Indigo

If the dark blue aura has a slightly purple tinge to it, or you would describe it more as a deep blue than a dark blue, then it is very likely that this is a good sign.

Usually, the emergence of purple in an aura means that the person is experiencing an increase in psychic ability and metaphysical connectedness.

This is especially the case if the purples are concentrated around the edges, as this is where the majority of aura interactions happen.

Whatever the case, meditation and contemplation will allow you to understand any issues in your aura and the energies it represents. Regular chakra healing techniques will help to keep your aura clear and your soul more connected.

And keep an eye on your aura! You will probably have to get someone with experience to read your aura for you – unless you decide to learn yourself! – but it is worth it for the peace of mind you get knowing that your metaphysical work has kept your energy clear.