Blue auric energy represents the fifth primary energy centre of the subtle body – the Throat chakra.

The Throat chakra is responsible for communication, self-expression and truth.

Spotting a lot of blue in your aura usually means that you have a strong Throat chakra, though muddy blues can indicate a blockage and a completely blue aura could mean an overactive throat chakra.

So let’s dig into what the Throat chakra is, and why the blue chakra is so important.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra, as mentioned, is represented by the colour blue. In the aura, it might appear as a blue glow around the throat and mouth region.

It governs speech and self-expression, which includes artistic expression as well as emotional maturity.

A strong, active and healthy Throat chakra allows us to express our emotions and ideas in a confident, engaging way.

It makes public speaking a walk in the park, presenting at work as trivial as being presented to and keeps people hooked on our every word.

Healthy Throat chakras are usually sky or baby blue, whereas duller and muddier blues indicate a blockage in the Throat chakra.

Blocked Blue Chakra Symptoms

When the blue chakra is blocked, we find ourselves less confident when we speak. Our voices might crack and tremble, or the words might get stuck in the throat.

A stammer is a common symptom of a blocked Throat chakra., as well as emotional repression and social anxiety.

Social anxiety is widespread for people with blue chakra problems as it is easily triggered and self-perpetuates.

The onflow of that is that social anxiety now causes you to avoid social situations, which only makes you more socially anxious over time as you lack practice

Luckily, there are tried and tested methods to heal the Throat chakra.

Try chakra healing meditation, a detailed guide is available here on Spiritual Unite, and use crystals like sapphire, lapis lazuli and other blue energy stones.

Overactive Blue Chakra Symptoms

On the other hand, the blue chakra can also get too much energy.

The chakras don’t work by packing as much energy in and calling that progress – they exist on balance and thrive in equilibrium.

That means that over activating your Throat chakra can cause just as many problems as it is by being blocked.

These problems include an inability to keep secrets, a tendency to babble and a need to fill every silence.

Again, this is all related to social anxiety and as such can self-perpetuate.

You might also experience paranoia, as well as physical symptoms like a sore throat caused by inflammation – especially if there is red in your aura.

So that is the blue, or Throat, chakra. Ensuring that your Throat chakra is in balance is important, so why not share any problems you are having with yours in the comments below.

Somebody else might well be experiencing the same issues, and you know what they say about a problem shared.