In order to move to higher levels of consciousness and reap all the benefits of doing so, you will first need to undergo light body activation – the act of awakening your light body.

The light body is thought of as one level below the soul, but one level above the chakras of the subtle body.

If you want to know what your light body is and why you should seek to awaken it, keep reading below:

What Is Your Light Body?

You can think of your light body as a doorway to higher levels of consciousness.

Others describe it as a vehicle for your consciousness, able to transport it to the astral plane for many purposes including meditation, lucid dreaming and telepathic communication.

In many ways, it is the next form that you will take.

The light body is the spiritual evolution of humanity, and light body awakening is going on all over the world right now.

Awakening your light body unlocks your hidden power, enabling you to exercise more control over your actions and emotions, and freeing you from old wounds and mental/emotional blocks.

The process of light body awakening can be approached in a few different ways, but the ideas are the same.

What Is Light Body Awakening?

Awakening your light body is the process of spinning up your Merkaba to expand your subtle body into your light body.

You can read more about specific light body activation techniques in other articles on this site.

The idea is to pump huge amounts of cosmic energy into your subtle body, and concentrating it so you can expand it.

This energy is created by and drawn from Source, but the fields it generates that make up the light body are created by the spinning motion of the Merkaba.

As you accept the love and light into your chakra system, you will better embody the ideals of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

Full light body activation requires a total balance of these two opposing yet complementary power sources.

Benefits Of Awakening Light Body

The benefits of awakening your light body are immense. From the moment you do, you will essentially be experiencing a permanent spiritual awakening.

The first thing you will notice is the weight lifted from your shoulders as you find peace and tranquility in your new spiritual state.

You might also find that your senses are heightened, including extra-sensory perception.

Meditation should also become much more manageable as your light body gives you direct access to the astral plane.

For a while after awakening your light body, you might also experience vivid dreams.

While these dreams might not be unpleasant, they can be very intense until you get used to them.

There really is no better way of enhancing your spiritual life than activating your light body.

Awakening your light vehicle is the next step you can take towards ascension, enlightenment and the next level of higher consciousness.