We spend most of our physical lives and most of our time living on the familiar physical plane, where everything is material, sensible and rational.

But this is not the only plane of consciousness, and can’t be described as the only one we live on.

The astral plane is where spirits can exist entirely, and where they cannot exist on the physical plane.

Most of us experience the astral plane directly through dreams. When we dream, our body remains to rest on the physical plane as our consciousness is transported to the astral plane.

It is here that the karmic lessons of the day are learned and gone over.

But for the dedicated, there are other more direct routes to the astral plane.

Astral projection is the act of inducing an out of body experience or OBE.

By accessing inner spiritual power and utilising powerful meditations, a person can cause their consciousness to leave their body and move around on the astral plane.

All reports are that this is a life-changing event, causing within the person a spiritual transformation that has been described as “finding the spiritual self”.

Astral projection can become a part of your spiritual life if you are so inclined. But, as with all good things, there is a catch.

Astral projection carries with it some dangers, and there is more than one thing that can go wrong.

Astral Projection Dangers

First, let’s address some concerns many people have:

No, you cannot be killed or physically harmed on the astral plane. No matter what happens, you will return to your physical body soon enough.

This is because the silver cord that joins our spirit to our body is unbreakable and protects us.

The dangers of astral projection mainly come from being unready for the changes that will occur to you.

A whole new universe opens itself to you the first time you achieve astral projection, and for some, this can be traumatic.

For this reason, many people opt to attempt the first few excursions with an experienced person.

Astral Projection Gone Wrong

If astral projection goes wrong in this way, it is essential to seek help from a couple of sources.

First, if it triggers any latent or underlying mental health problems you have, then you should absolutely speak to a doctor or therapist.

It would be better to solve these problems before attempting astral projection, however.

Second, you might find yourself completely thrown from your own perception of what the universe is and into a new understanding.

That can be a challenging transition, and for some people, it can send them down a road of despair.

It is important here to have people around you who have the same experiences. Guidance from those whose footsteps you are treading is invaluable when astral projection goes wrong.

Astral Projection Bad Entities

But there is one genuine danger you might face on the astral plane, and that is a run in with one of the many evil entities that can be found there.

These negative energy beings seek to sap your life force by leading you from your path.

But with proper preparation, you can deal with these bad entities quite easily. The trick is to raise your vibrations at the first sense of a dangerous entity.

As negative energy beings, they likely will not be able to follow you.

Just remember that it is fine to flee, but it is in learning to deal with these entities that we can evolve our soul.

And, of course, none of it can actually physically hurt you.

You are rooted in the physical plane, and even if you come across the biggest, baddest demon on the astral plane, you can be sure that you have enough power as a human soul to find your way to safety.