The twin flame relationship can be as enigmatic as it is intensely spiritual. Many of us find that the reality of the twin flame relationship does not match our expectations going into it.

It is because the twin flame relationship can take a great many forms.

And while the intensity and spiritual, emotional and physical chemistry may lend itself to a particular kind of relationship, in truth we hear as many reports of platonic twin flames as twin flames who are lovers.

So are twin flames meant to be lovers?

Typical Twin Flames

The idea of a typical twin flame relationship is a little flimsy at best. The twin flame relationship could be one or more of many things.

But what is most characteristic of twin flames is at least a period of being lovers.

This should be no surprise. The qualities we look for in a lover relationship match quite well with the qualities most often found in twin flame relationships.

Physical and sexual chemistry is almost always a given between twin flames, and the emotional and spiritual chemistry helps to create a romantic relationship that is more fulfilling and exciting than the standard romantic relationship.

But there is no guarantee nor requirement for the twin flame relationship to be one between lovers.

In fact, there are many forms the twin flame relationship can take. The one that is right for you and your situation might depend on a variety of factors.

Age Difference

The most common reason people ask this question is that there is an age gap between them and their twin flame.

While an age gap of up to twenty years is perfectly usual between twin flames, it is not in any way unheard of for the age gap to be upwards of forty years.

Though age gaps this large are infrequent, they are not so uncommon that they become an edge case.

An age gap that large does not necessarily preclude a lover relationship, in many cultures, it may be heavily frowned upon.

While these cultural preferences should not be able to govern our decision making, many of us find ourselves unable to buck the cultural norm for practical, pragmatic reasons.

In this situation, a lover relationship with our twin flame may just be out of the question.

Therefore, we might be better served by seeking a mentor/mentee relationship. This is a common theme in twin flame relationships and can still deliver the spiritual benefits of this twin flame union.

Other Reasons

There are many other reasons why our twin flame may not make a suitable lover.

Differences in sexuality, relationship status, geography and other such concerns can prevent us from being able to enter into that kind of relationship.

So the answer to the question of whether twin flames are meant to be lovers is: No, there are many forms your twin flame relationship can take.

But, the twin flame relationship is well suited to lovers and, without the presence of deterring factors that make it too difficult to engage in this connection, the best way to experience it is to enter fully into the relationship.

At the end of the day, our twin flame is so crucial to our spiritual journey that any relationship – as lovers or not – is better than none.