Many numbers hold metaphysical significance, carrying messages from the guides that can help us through our lives.

The number 622 is one of these messages.

If you have noticed synchronicity with the number 622, there are a few things you should know.

About 622

We can decipher the meaning of the number 622 by breaking it down.

The number 6 is the first part. We associate the number 6 with family, the home and home life, work, selflessness, service, gratitude, reliability, being a provider, caring for others, and problem-solving.

The number 2 relates to balance, harmony, trust, understanding, mediation, selflessness, relationships and life purpose.

Because the number 2 is twinned, we know that it holds double importance to the meaning of 622.

We also see that 622 contains the master number 22, which represents the master builder. This is symbolic of pragmatism, creativity and the productive impulse.

Now that we’ve broken down the meaning of 622 let’s build it back up.

622: Your Work-Life Balance Needs Addressing

Everybody needs to work, and everybody needs to live. Getting the balance between these two concerns is harder than it seems from the outside.

The strong influence of the number 2 is stressing balance between your work life and your home life.

While the problem might be unemployment or under-employment, this is most commonly a problem with too much work and not enough play.

In the short term, setting aside time at the weekends for family and friends should be a priority.

In the longer term, you need to address the problem with a clear head and find a way to decrease your workload and increase the time you spend enjoying your life.

Remember, you can always find another job, but you only get one family and one life to share with them. Consider how much you value spending time with your family versus advancing your career.

622: Troubles At Home Threaten Your Happiness

We can also see a warning in 622, with your attention being drawn towards home once more.

Particular attention should be paid to your domestic relationships, especially your partner if you live with them. These might be slowly building up tensions and points of resentment that could be trouble down the road.

We are reminded that those closest to us require the most attention from us. They are the people we are most strongly connected to and ensuring that our relationships with them are strong and stable is of utmost importance.

Consider the balance of your familial relationships closely. Are some of them a little too one-sided?

Relationships require balance to function, and one person feeling underappreciated usually leads to both people getting hurt. Addressing problems like this early can avoid a lot of unnecessary pain down the road.

The significance of the 622 message surrounds the idea of balance concentrated on the home, the workplace and close relationships.

We hope that this breakdown of the meaning of 622 helps you along your path.