We don’t often have to think about how cats come into our home and lives; they are just there. What we don’t think about, is that cats match with spiritual people.

Most often cat owners are people with enhanced spiritual gifts. Cats connect with spiritual people, but why are they such a good match?

Since cats are spiritual animals, they carry a big energy field. The energy field grows as the cat ages. Cats connect with people with similar energy fields and abilities.

There are other reasons too;

Science proves cats are awesome

A recent study from Oregon State University claims cats enjoy human interactions. They enjoy the connection with humans more than food.

50 cats were denied human interaction with food, toys and scents for a few a hours. Then they were re-introduced to the four stimuli, more than 50% chose human interaction.

These findings showcase cats are loving and social animals. More importantly, they have a spiritual bond with their owners.

Cats are intuitive

Cats are very intuitive; they purr at people with high energy. Sometimes cats will hide or run away, but they always show up around people with high energy. They act normal, affectionate and calm.

Cat and spirits

Cats can alert you when there are spirits present. Becuase of their strong energy field, they can easily see spirits. When they sense a negative spirit is present, they hiss and protect their territory.

Cat cuddles

A cats affection will elevate your energy and calm you. Cats don’t cuddle with anyone, only those they trust.

When you have that bond with your cat, they will share their vibrational energy with you. A cat purr within a frequency range of 20-140 Hertz, healing and helping you feel relaxed and at peace.

Cats can enlighten you

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle referred to his cats as Zen Masters. “I have lived with many Zen masters, all of them cats.” Quote by Eckhart Tolle.

A cat can visit you and soulfully check on you; they don’t want anything in return. They also know all three types of meditation.

– Catnap – Samatha Meditation

A cat knows to go to sleep when they feel tired. Sleep gives them mental relaxation and a calm mind. Having the mind still is an essential part of meditation.

– Focus – Vipassana Meditation

You can never win a staring contest with a cat. Cats can focus their energy on an object for long periods of time. Absorbing every bit of information they can. Their mind and body transform with this meditation.

– Purr – Chanting

Chanting is another form of meditation, and the cat version is when they purr. Cats purr all the time, even if we don’t hear it all the time. It is a mystery why cats purr, but what we do know is that it calms them down. Their purr soothes the mind and spirit.

Zen masters eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired, sounds like a cat to you?


We know that cats are very spiritual, and they connect with high vibrational energy. The information in this article will help you connect with your cat. They are important spiritual teachers and help you achieve a stress-free life.