What can it possibly mean when you’re always immersed in someone’s thought?

Does this mean that you’re attracted to them, or even better, hopelessly in love with them?

It’s a possibility because when you truly love someone, you are always thinking about them consciously or subconsciously.

Even when you are submerged in personal commitments, you still think about their little quirks. In this article, we’re going to clarify what happens when someone occupies a permanent place in your mind.

What Happens When You Think About Someone?

If the person you’re always thinking about is someone you have a crush on, with time, you are bound to develop a more profound interest in them. Most often, people act defensive or nervous when they’re around someone they love.

They exhibit weird behaviour because they are not ready to reveal their true intentions yet. In desperate attempts to hide how they truly feel, they often do silly things.

Even if someone does not love you back, it doesn’t mean, you’ll just stop thinking about them. Love completely consumes your mind and soul, even if it’s unrequited.

When you can’t stop thinking about someone, does it necessarily mean that you love them? Or is it just an ephemeral feeling that withers away with time?

How do you distinguish between the two? Well, it’s easy.

Love is assuring and affirming, and when the thoughts of the person you’re continually thinking about make you happy, it’s probably because you are somehow connected to them.

Depending upon the intensity of this connection, you might love them or just like them. As long as it’s not just an obsession, it’s love.

If you think about them, even when everything’s right in your life, then it’s probably not just a fleeting feeling.

You actually want to spend a lifetime with them. However, if you forget them when everything’s on the upside in your life, and only remember them when you’re lonely, then it’s probably not love, but a minor crush.

What If You Don’t Like That Person?

Sometimes, you think about someone all the time because you actually detest them.

A cantankerous family member or a merciless boss is sometimes the subject of this aversion because he/she makes your life a living hell.

They frustrate you, and when you’re unable to discharge that frustration, you continuously rant about them in your mind.

These thoughts can significantly harm your mental and physical health, and alleviate your self-esteem.

It’s imperative you learn to let go because the most essential skill to learn in life is the act of “letting go”.

When we learn to discard negativity and hatred in our minds, we feel liberated. Otherwise, our mind holds us captive and stops us from achieving our dreams and goals.

Ways to Stop Obsessive Thoughts

So, how can you overcome these obsessive thoughts? Cognitive behavioural therapy is one way to set things right. It helps you to take control of your thoughts and direct them towards positive things in your life.