Merkaba activation is the process of activating the Merkaba by getting it spinning at the right speed and with the right balance.

Activating your Merkaba will give you access to your light body.

Harnessing the power of your Merkaba can open the door to incredible experiences you might never have seen otherwise.

What Is The Merkaba?

The Merkaba is commonly pictured as two tetrahedrons pointed in opposite directions and spinning in opposite directions.

The north-pointing tetrahedron is male and represents the ideals of the divine masculine.

The south-pointing one is female and represents the ideals of the divine feminine.

In a perfect world, each of us would have a fully activated Merkaba that spins in balance at the speed of light.

Unfortunately, almost everybody has a Merkaba that is spinning too slowly or out of balance.

It is essential as it is the Merkaba that generates the energy fields around you, commonly known as an aura.

So much of spiritual health relies on these energy fields that activating your Merkaba should be a priority.

Merkaba Activation

Using Merkaba Meditation and the 18 breath cycle, you can activate your Merkaba and gain access to your light body.

Now that your Merkaba is spinning properly, generating the energy fields around you and making them more powerful, any spiritual tasks you take on now will be a lot easier than before.

You will also have a better connection with your energy, which makes noticing and healing any negative energy hiding in your aura that much easier.

You will be better able to control your emotions, as well as being more able to understand the emotions of others.

This is the beginning of empathic abilities forming, which is like a supercharged version of normal empathy.

Your New Light Body

After Merkaba activation, you will have activated your light body. It is your vehicle to allow you to travel on the astral plane and, eventually, return your energy to Source.

It also opens up the possibility of ascension to higher dimensions of consciousness.

There are other, more immediately obvious benefits, however.

You might experience:

Closer connections with family and friends.

Greater confidence with meeting new people, and better reactions as well.

Increased charisma.

Increased intellect.

Expanded appreciation for the natural world, especially animal life.

A desire to go vegan.

Lucid dreaming and greater control over your life on the astral plane during dreams.

Enhanced clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience abilities – even if untrained!

Enhanced telepathic abilities and more control over spiritual connections.

But better than all of that is knowing that you are finally a part of the most significant thing going on right now – the ascension of humanity.

As an activated light body, you can find your way back to Source.

You can now provide healing influences and allow others to feel the same

After Merkaba activation, many people feel like a whole new person. In a way, they are.