The number 19 is “the number of surrender” according to ancient sources. Its constituent parts are 1 and 9, signifying a beginning and an end respectively.

Because these two digits sum to 10, and the constituent digits of 10 sum to 1, we can see that the stronger emphasis in 19 is 1 rather than 9.

Or, in simpler terms, the emphasis within the number 19 is on the beginning rather than the end.

Because 19 encompasses both the beginning and the end, it is seen as a number of self-determination.

Those whose numerology life path transits through 19 tend to follow a life journey requiring a greater degree of independence and decision making with little input from others.

They want nothing more than to be in the driver’s seat and hate nothing more than being rendered a passenger on their journey.

19 also represents insatiable drive and enthusiasm for life. People with 19 significance within their numerology life path have a zest for life and love to keep moving forward, exploring all the while and taking pleasure in doing it all off their own back.

But they can suffer from solitude. It may feel, even when they make an effort to work with others, that they are alone in the world and must rely on themselves to get by.

They can be plagued by trust issues, finding it difficult to entrust tasks to others. With the modern workplace being so teamwork-driven, this can lead to difficulties at work.

However, the number 19 also signifies good leadership.

While someone who relates to 19 might be underutilised in a team environment, putting them in charge usually reaps rewards for everyone. They excel at leadership for one simple reason – decision making.

They have no trouble making a decision. They are self-assured and, even as they lack trust in others, they have complete confidence in themselves to be equal to any task they tackle.

But these traits are predominantly received from the number 1. The number 9’s input should not be ignored, as it is here that the number 19 is distinguished.

While the substantial input of the number 1 may seem to create an attitude of self-primacy, the humanitarian aspects of the number 9 bring in an altruistic spin and transformation.

Sure, the number 19 prefers to work alone. It has a lot of problems working with others, trusting others or allowing itself to be reliant on others.

But it cares deeply about them even as it dismisses them as surplus to requirements.

If the number 19 is significant in your life, you may find yourself wanting to improve the world in a way that does not require too much reliance on the input of others.

This is natural for you. It does not make you antisocial, nor a misanthrope.

As someone for whom 19 is a significant number, recognising your strengths in leadership and self-drive will allow you to help to improve the world far more effectively when using the principles of numerology.

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